How to Make a Digital Bulletin Board?

How to create a digital notice board?

April 12 2021

5 min read

New means of communication and information transfers have been created and they are continuously evolving. Today, all organizations across t...

How to use a tv for digital signage | Using a tv as a display board

How To Use a TV for Digital Signage?

March 3 2021

6 min read

Do you own a business? How do you send out your information or announce your offerings to the world? If you are still using print media, we...

Are Your Employees Engaged? | Employee Engagement - Pickcel

Are Your Employees Engaged?

January 10 2020

2 min read

Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. - Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace study In other words, only about one in eight...

Creative Communication in Employer Branding | Pickcel Blog

Creative Communication in Employer Branding

January 10 2020

2 min read

It is said that we humans remember (create memories of) those situations/moments/ events that have engaged at least 3 out of our 5 senses –...