Manage Your Digital Menu Boards On the Go

Want to manage multiple screens across restaurants? Our cloud-based digital menu board software allows you to manage your restaurant's LED menu screens from any geographical location.


Tempt Your Customers with Attractive Digital Menu Board Templates

Pickcel's menu board software comes with in-built free digital menu board templates that can be customized.With just a few clicks, customize your own restaurant to create the best digital menu boards for your business. It's that simple!

Edit the menu board templates to add food descriptions, and group your food items under as many categories as you like.


Make Your Digital Menu Boards Fun with QR-Based Interactivity

Don't make your customers wait in line. With Pickcel's Digital Menu Board App, give them the freedom to view your digital menu on their mobile phones. scan the QR code! Interactive digital menu boards allow greater personalization and help to set your business apart.


Schedule Your Digital Menu

Have a 'Happy Hour' for your restaurant patrons? Tired of changing your digital menu manually? Pickcel's digital menu board software is built for your convenience. It brings you the flexibility of scheduling your digital menu so that your daily grind gets automated.

Special Tags to Help Your Customers Choose

The thumb rule of menu design to make it easier for your customers to browse through the menu. That is why Pickcel's digital menu board app allows r food items. Tag food items as 'Spicy/ Non-spicy' and 'Vegetarian/Non-vegetarian' so that your hungry patrons can evade the last moment at-the-counter dilemma.

Make Dynamic Changes to Your Digital Menu in No Time

Reflect the news from your restaurant kitchen directly on your digital menu board within seconds. Update your item availability status with just one click and label the out-of-stock items as 'Sold Out'. Pickcel's digital menu board software allows you to make all dynamic changes to your menu board instantly.

Create a Playlist for your Digital Menu Board

Have too many delicacies on the menu and not enough screens to display? No need to jam your screen with all your offerings in one list. Create a playlist of your restaurant digital menus and set the slide duration that fits your needs.


Flexible Language & Currency Options

Wherever you operate your restaurant business, show your pricing in your preferred currency. Pickcel's digital menu board software languages. Simply type in the text in your desired language and give your restaurant digital menu a regional look.

Advanced Media & Visual Effect Settings

A picture is worth a thousand words. So, let those oh-so-nice food photographs do the talking. Pickcel menu board app allows you to complement each item name with an image in a clutter-free design. You can also add wonderful background graphics & video dynamics to make your digital menu board come to life. Switch on/off the visual elements with just one click.

Ready to engage more customers?

Don’t let conventional processes slow you down. Jumpstart your restaurant business with Pickcel digital signage.


Why Need Pickcel's Digital Menu Board App?

Unique digital menu solutions give your restaurant business an edge over your competitors.

  • Comes Free with Pickcel Digital Menu Board Software
  • Professional Digital Menu Design
  • Painless Editing and Publishing
  • More Automation, Less Effort
  • Quick & Easy Digital Menu Creation
  • Better Customer Experience (CX)

Who Needs Pickcel's Digital Menu Board App?

Electronic menu boards are quickly becoming a must-have for all kinds of food businesses be it restaurants, food-trucks or drive-thrus. A simple and easy-to-maneuver solution for all your menu board needs saves money and time. That's why Pickcel's digital menu app brings the best of both worlds— efficiency & affordability.


QSR/Drive Thru Restaurants

Food Trucks

Food Trucks







Fine Diners

Fine Diners

Ice cream parlors

Ice cream parlors

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