Manage your Menu Board on the go

Upgrade your restaurant operations with our advanced cloud-based signage software. Designed for versatility, efficiency, and remote management, it enables the synchronization of multiple screens across locations.


Enhance customer engagement with customiza templates from Pickcel

Personalize your restaurant's display using our versatile, user-friendly templates, allowing for detailed food descriptions and flexible categorization.

Edit the menu board templates to add food descriptions, and group your food items under as many categories as you like.


Enhance customer experience with QR-based interactivity

Pickcel's digital menu board app enhances your business's appeal by offering patrons the convenience of viewing menus on their phones. This interactivity sets your establishment apart and allows for greater personalization of the dining experience.


Automatic updates made easy

Have a 'Happy Hour' for your restaurant patrons? But, tired of changing what you offer manually? We got a deal! Pickcel’s software simplifies menu management with automated scheduling features, perfect for daily occasions, enhancing operational efficiency.

Intuitive tags that help you decide

Pickcel's software simplifies menu management with automated scheduling features,perfect for daily specials like 'Happy Hour,' that helps enhance operational efficiency.

Modifications on the go

Instantly mirror kitchen updates on your menu with Pickcel's software. This helps modify item availability and mark items as 'Sold out' with a single click, ensuring real-time menu accuracy.

Dynamic playlists that help with perfect visuals

Have too many delicacies on the menu and not enough screens to display? No need to jam your screen with all your offerings in one list. Create a playlist and set the slide duration that fits your needs.


Flexible language & currency options

Wherever you operate your restaurant business, show your pricing in your preferred currency. This helps customize your menu to reflect regional preferences and operate seamlessly in diverse markets.

Advanced media & integrations and dynamics

A picture is worth a thousand words. So, let those oh-so-nice food photographs do the talking. Pickcel menu board app allows you to complement each item name with an image to create a in a clutter-free design. You can also add background graphics & video dynamics to make your menu board come to life.

Who can benefit from Pickcel's digital menu board app?

Ideal for a variety of food businesses like restaurants, food trucks, and drive-thrus, Pickcel's app is the perfect solution. Here are our tailored solutions for every sub-niche of the industry!

restaurant templates

Efficiently create content with 100+ templates

Adapt your screen content to the hourly rush and flexible business offerings. Customize tons of irresistible menu templates with Pickcel Artboard. Design & edit your menu board to boost sales.

View Templates

Why go for the Pickcel digital menu board app?

Unique digital menu solutions give your restaurant business an edge over your competitors.

  • Comes free with the Pickcel software
  • Professional digital menu design
  • Painless editing and publishing
  • More automation, less effort
  • Quick & easy digital menu creation
  • Better customer experience

Ready to satiate more taste-buds? Try Pickcel for free!


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