How to make the most of your grocery store & supermarket digital signage?

A supermarket store digital signage promotes offers on produce as a customer looks on


Just another day in Walmart. You stroll into the store to buy some basics: veggies and milk. Forty-five minutes is what you planned. Three hours later, you walk out with three varieties of muffins, a solid pair of sneakers, two big packs of ready-to-cook nuggets, and a fancy beach hat (it’s not even summer). Well, don’t blame yourself just yet.

It’s not you. It’s their uber-cool digital signage designs.

Walmart is taking its digital signage game a few notches higher. While you never noticed (you actually did), they rolled out those bright and shiny advertisements on what’s new, right when you walked in.

The supermarket giant is playing big on digital aisle signs and using interactive and dynamic content on their digital signage displays.

The aim is to make customers stay a little while longer. And they are pretty much achieving success in it.

Supermarkets taking digital signage designs to the next level

Target isn’t lagging, either. It goes all in when implementing new digital signage design ideas. For example:

  • Branded videos with appealing visuals

  • Trending products and the latest ads

  • Popular music in the entertainment segment

Both Target and Walmart are making their digital signages more interactive to amp up sales and the customer experience.

Walmart’s sentient aisle signs

Walmart deployed interactive super-wide screens at the Men’s Grooming Section. These interactive displays functioned through the ’lift-and-learn’ technology: every time a shopper lifted a product from the display shelf, the ultra-wide aisle digital signs will automatically show testimonials about the specific product.

Image source: sixteen-nine

More possibilities of personalization using supermarket digital signage

Just like the Walmart example illustrated above, electronic displays can be used in many other ways to conduct dynamic campaigns; for instance, based on demographic factors (age, gender, etc.) or other external factors like the time of the day or the weather.

The day is close when digital signage in grocery stores and supermarkets will use mood detection technology to suggest you products.

Imagine entering a store feeling all grumpy and spotting your favorite candies or ice creams right after. It’s no coincidence. You walked into the candy aisle because you were secretly made to.

When the digital supermarket signs fitted with facial detection technology figure you are in a bad mood, it will advertise popular mood enhancers like chocolates & perfumes.

Besides making the shopping experience smoother, supermarket digital signs will can also make the experience fun. Using experiential retailtainment like fun games, it will allow customers to stay longer and shop more.

Top ideas to use digital supermarket & grocery store signs

Here’s an interesting case study. Motion display, a digital signage company, launched its product for Hidden Balley Ranch in a few Walmart centers. The stores with their installed digital signage saw a sales spike of 66% compared to those using printed signage. The same comparative study found that new-age digital signage designs boosted repeat business and captured customers’ attention 8X faster.

Over 40% of shoppers say digital displays can influence what they buy

To understand how the latest digital signage ideas have spiked sales in groceries and supermarkets, we need to keep abreast of the latest trends. Let’s explore.

Multi-purpose promotional displays

A large LED screen inside a grocery supermarket store promotes a sale on fresh raspberries

Digital signage comes in handy to highlight limited-time deals and high-margin items. Quirky display signs make it simple yet effective to bring your customers’ attention to weekly, daily, or seasonal sales.

The best part? They are inexpensive.

No wonder why so many convenience stores, grocery stores, and supermarkets use digital floor signage to direct customers to new products and offerings.

A few supermarkets have even leveraged augmented reality and digital floor signage to engage shoppers with small kids. They often create fun games like “scavenger hunts” for the kids to engage them better and transform a mundane (often stressful) visit to the grocery store. Imagine the relief of the parents!

Coop Sverige, one of Sweden’s largest grocery chains, partnered with Peppy Pals, an innovative game-based learning company, to do just that, and the brand received a phenomenal positive reaction.

story image
Image source: Coop Sverige

Let’s also not forget that it’s 2023 and your shoppers are well-versed with QR codes among all things digital.

Real-time changes using digital signage software platforms like Pickcel have simplified information relay about deals and offerings.

For example, if a store is running out of stock, the screen management software can receive alerts from the inventory management system and can instantly adjust the prices on the supermarket digital signage.

Dynamic shelf-displays

About 76% of purchase decisions are made at the product shelves. In-aisle smart shelf displays grab more eyeballs by presenting special discounts, real time pricing, and promotions.

Dynamic shelf displays will also let you look at online ratings or reviews while buying a particular item and even suggest similar products.

Shelf displays are the best locations to initiate flash sales or promotions like “buy one get one free”. The moment your promotion gets over, you can change it back to the original pricing.

You can use Pickcel’s digital discount solution to gamify discounts at the point-of-sale. Just out of sheer curiosity of checking out their discount prizes, your supermarket customers can make an impulse purchase.

Checkout displays & self-service kiosks

Your cart is never full! Even before checking out, you grab a handful of mints, candies, and other fun stuff you never planned to purchase. Thanks to the bright and shiny point-of-sale marketing signs. Making you shop even while you wait in the queue.

Self-checkouts at supermarkets have greatly improved with the advent of modern screen networks. Convenience stores like Circle K use digital signage integrated with artificial intelligence that scans products automatically and helps customers checkout faster.

Interactive screens enable customers to pay and place orders within a matter of seconds. In the wake of the scan-as-you-shop trend, some grocery stores and supermarkets have introduced clothing and electronic sections that require no checkouts at all. People can use the interactive digital signage to browse products, then simply click and collect or opt for home delivery. Best way to ditch the long queues!

Aisle directories & wayfinders digital signs

Aisle digital signage in grocery stores and supermarkets went from being simply functional to a customer magnet. Not only are you pointing shoppers to your new products and services, but digital wayfinders in aisles also let you direct them to sales and promotions.

Stores are getting creative with aisle designs to improve the visibility of their high-value products to buyers. Some are going the extra mile by using massive digital signage in and around grocery sections to tell brand stories or help you with new recipes.

Interactive wayfinding signs can assist shoppers through guided navigation within the supermarket premises, meaning customers can simply browse for products on a digital catalog and the display shows them the location of that product using aisle number, shelf number, direction maps, etc.

digital screen is showing where the product is

Video wall displays

The concept of video wall displays isn’t brand new. What’s new is the way supermarkets and even local grocery stores are them for brand storytelling & customer engagement.

These large-format digital signs instantly capture the attention of people walking by; these are great for visual merchandising at the storefront.

The latest retail trend is to let the customer lead. Shopping centers and supermarkets are using video wall displays to create a no-touch audio-visual experience for shoppers. People can connect their smartphones to your signage display and choose the video and sound. This way, stores can educate, engage, and entertain customers while generating better sales.

Video wall arrays positioned at key decision areas such as entrance, in-store escalators, or staircases help reinforce brand messages and drive sales.

Digital menu boards

digital menu board showing menu details in food court

A rising number of grocery stores are installing digital menu board solutions to attract customers. They use digital signage to display a variety of menus and recipes throughout the day.

Many supermarket retailers are dayparting the menu board content between breakfast, lunch, and dinner times. The idea is to maximize the visibility of those products that are likely to be sold during a specific time of the day. For instance, breads and eggs in the morning and ready-to-eat meals during the evenings.

Tips to make the most of your supermarket digital signage

The list isn’t tiny. Neither is the digital signage market. By 2031, the digital signage market size is projected to reach USD 45.50 Billion. If you hop on the right trends, you gain from this and elevate customer experience manifold. The leading retailers have these strategies at their fingertips:

  • Leverage user-generated content and social wall solutions to build brand credibility

  • Capture seasonal themes (e.g., during Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving) to attract more customers.

  • Repurpose your screens for all types of functions. for instance, when the customer footfall is low in the store, use some of your digital supermarket signs for employee engagement & training.

  • Personalize: modern grocery stores are heavily investing in personalization of customer experience through technologies like NFC (Near Field Communication). When scanned with a smart device, the signage allows customers to access additional information such as product reviews, loyalty programs, etc.

  • Frequently update the digital signage content of your supermarket. Many signage software platforms like Pickcel offer a bundle of content apps so that you never run out of content ideas.

It’s all about the customer experience

Modern digital signage in supermarkets and groceries is less about “products and prices” and more about offering a smart and dynamic shopping experience to your buyers. Blend it with the right mix of interactivity, personalization, real-time information, and integration with cutting-edge technology, and voilà! You have millions of happy customers!

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