16 Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage at Gyms & Fitness Centers

uses of digital signage at gym


Digital signage is a breath of fresh air in any business or commercial setting. Nowadays, it’s becoming less and less effective to use static digital signage. But dynamic digital signage is rendered to draw interest and convey personalized messages to customers.

Digital signage can be deployed to display anything from video, images to a myriad of other contents on modest displays to massive video boards, and gyms aren’t strangers to this inclusion.

So, here are a few use cases and benefits of deploying digital signage at your gyms, yoga centers & fitness centers.

1. Celebrate your Clients’ Milestones

A gym tv screen informing celebrating its members accomplishment

Showcasing success stories is a clever tactic for any gym to boost the morale of its members. People can empathize with other people’s struggles and triumphs when they read a success story. Seeing somebody else’s achievements or milestones inspires and motivates you to follow in their footsteps, as you may be apt to do the same.

Gym digital signage can be used in a myriad of ways to showcase your client’s milestones. Gym Rats can post before and after images of themselves to inspire others.

2. Show Entertainment Videos

If you’ve ever lifted in the gym, you’ll know that hitting the gym is a lot more fun than exercising on your own. If so, why? It’s not only the appealing membership plans and the versatile staff; the gym culture and milieu also play an essential role.

People are more inclined to commit if the venue is dynamic and entertaining.

With a gym TV solution, listening to music together might be more joyful than listening to it alone. Working out can be fun if you have the perfect “It’s about drive, it’s about power” song.

3. Make Promotions & Branding

Gym TV screen informing clients about the prices of Advanced Crossfit sessions

Deploying digital signage to advertise your business is a smart move. You can make your members aware of new trainers, programs, or referral rebates that might help your current members cut costs on their weekly payments. Without a pinch of spice, it takes a lot of time and energy to make a gym a happy place.

When you display your products and services on gym TV screens, you have a better shot at attracting new or keeping old members if you offer as many services as you possibly can.

4. Tell your Brand Story

Gyms can share a short film or slideshow of images to communicate their principles via gym TV. With a gym TV software, you can download or share any media or simply build one independently. Choose from a plethora of HD templates to make an honest and professional-looking brand video.

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5. Introduce Your Tribe

You can publicly acknowledge your best gym employees and spread the word about their accomplishments through digital signage. Incorporating the customer reviews about your fitness center staff is also a great way to celebrate and praise your staff.

Your staff and customers will see this as a sign that you take their criticism and appreciation to heart and put it into action to enhance your plans and services.

6. Show Training Equipment Details

What’s the first thing one notices when they walk into the gym? Membership plans and personal coaches’ price consistently ranks second. The first thing one notices is whether the gym has all the necessary equipment or not?

Promoting your facility’s amenities and services using digital signage in your gym is an ingenious and enticing idea. Attendees to your fitness center can better understand how the equipment works and its application by seeing it projected on a computer screen.

7. Manage Communications with a Bulletin Board

We’ve stepped foot into the 21st century, and now it’s about time you replace your antiquated and archaic bulletin boards with a more contemporary and modern layout, allowing your existing staff to share information on community activities as well as the benefits they provide.

Bulletin boards ease up the process of quickly updating announcements on the go, without the need of a premeditated process of designing, printing & publishing. You can use your bulletin board for a quick ‘Tomorrow our gym will remain closed’ message or a sudden ‘We came to know it’s your birthday today’ greeting.

Having a digital notice at your fitness center provides a fun way of communicating both internally and with the clients.

8. Build Engagement with a Social Wall

A digital screen shows a collage of social media posts shared by gym members using a social wall solution

Gyms can stream social media feeds on TV screens. Gym runners can highlight their client’s recent #fitness posts at reception or lobby to promote their services and build trust among new clients.

A social wall is an interesting way to blend multiple feeds from different channels such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and showcase them altogether. This makes the screen content ten times more interesting and attractive.

9. Provide Class Schedules

A digital screen shows a collage of social media posts shared by gym members using a social wall solution

There’s no lie to it that gym digital signage not only promotes coaches but they also make it easier to communicate schedules and other wellness-related content. Nowadays, gyms and fitness centers offer many courses and classes, from yoga to hula-hooping.

Choosing a subscription can be intimidating initially, but you soon forget what’s accessible when you’ve signed up. Lesson schedules shown on gym TV screens can encourage gym patrons to join up for more sessions at any time of year.

10. Generate Contingent Revenue

The advertising and sponsorship opportunities laid down by digital displays are enormous. This is a great market that you are passing out on if you don’t have screens.

Working out on walkers and weight machines while streaming their favorite television series is already a common pastime for your gym members. It’s better to promote your own services than to allow commercials for succulent, unhealthy hamburgers to invade.

11. Show Dos (And More Importantly, the Don’ts)

Gym TV solution informs the gym members about the dos and don'ts of workout

Gym digital signage can showcase do’s and don’ts of exercises and diet to enlighten and educate your members. Since the gym rats are particularly health-conscious, promoting the services of your trained and certified nutritionists makes much sense. However, working out and diets are effective only if you’re following a legitimate routine. For example, signing up for a Keto diet in excitement will do you more harm than good. Such strict diets cause constipation, kidney stones, low blood pressure and sometimes also contribute to heart problems.

In the same way, lifting more than your existing body can handle will leave you with long-time back pain, muscle and joint damage, and sometimes broken ribs as well.

Digital signage is a clever way to give your members an overview of what they’ll be getting into before committing to a diet course or a program. As a reaction, they feel good about themselves, which motivates them to keep working out.

12. Show Diet Charts

Intense training and hitting the gym necessitates an adequate diet as well. While health coaches may be able to assist but fitness centers typically do not become involved in any way other than providing a lunch or snack menu.

A club that goes above and beyond to help its clients prepare diet charts and provide recipes would, consequently, be well-received. Those who regularly hit the gym are always concerned about what they consume.

The feeling of attending the gym improves when digital signage displays information that resonates with their audience.

13. Show Motivational Quotes

Reading inspirational phrases on gym TV screens can positively impact people’s emotions and their ability to achieve any possible outcome. Motivational quotes have the power to influence and elevate the spirits of your daily lifters.

14. Make the New Members Feel at Home

Attending a fitness center for the first time can be a little nerve-wracking. Placing a gym TV screen in your lobby or waiting area to greet newcomers could be an effective solution. People having various skills and hailing from all walks of life can be put at ease by simple and straightforward welcome messages. This likewise contributes to building trust as well.

15. Promote the Perks

In many cases, gyms are an extension of a health club or offer complimentary wellness and cosmetic services. Your gym TV screen placed in your waiting area or workout zones can be put in use to communicate about special therapies and discounts.

Upselling your services by offering a decent bargain on beauty sessions or spa treatments is a brilliant strategy to roll in big bucks.

16. Convert Passerbys with Attractive Outdoor Signage

Outdoor digital signage is arguably the best strategy to attract and bring in new members. Fitness centers can place digital signage or digital kiosks outside the gym to let the passerby know about your exciting deals, state-of-the-art workout equipment, and your professional and well-trained wellness coaches.

To Sum It All Up

Leveraging digital displays fosters a more collaborative environment. You’ll have no trouble meeting the ever-evolving demands of your clients. Not to mention, a gym digital signage solution will boost your revenues since it catalyzes more customers to sign up for memberships, leading to increased sales.

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