Employees Communicating internally with the help of digital signage


Creative Communication in Employer Branding

It is said that we humans remember (create memories of) those situations/moments/ events that have engaged at least 3 out of our 5 senses – Feeling (Touch), Taste, Sight, Smell & Hearing (Sound).

In this era of information overload, could we then apply the above techniques to our critical communication, and gain that elusive mind space of our target audience?

Yes. It is possible.

Almost 90% of all official communication has at least two of these sense(s): Sight – Visual, Hear – Background noise, or Feel – Words (tone of voice). Thus limiting the possibility of it creating an impressionable memory. Incorporating the third element, therefore, raises the probability of effectiveness and the current generation of digital platforms coupled with enriched multimedia content enables communicators to do just that. The digital signage platform is one of the platforms which can very effectively serve the purpose.

Given that all communications to your employees create or build a perception about you as an employer, it would be worth the effort to develop messages on platforms that allow for engaging all the sensory attributes, thus ensuring that a lasting memory has been created in their minds. This not only aids in increasing the effectiveness of the communication but also plays a key role in building your Employer Brand perception.

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