App Features

The Pickcel Product Catalogue App is an excellent tool to exhibit your impressive collections to the world and woo customers into your stores.

App Features

The Pickcel Product Catalogue App is an excellent tool to exhibit your impressive collections to the world and woo customers into your stores.


Customizable catalogue templates

Create your own product catalogue with our professional-designed templates. Add images and videos for maximum visual impact. The app allows you to add product descriptions, prices & discounts, and also update the details instantaneously!


QR codes for mobile-accessibility

The Pickcel app lets you embed a QR code into your product catalogue. Customers can scan this code from your digital screens to access the catalogue on their mobile phones & tablets. Add your social media links, website url and business whatsapp number so that mobile viewers can interact with you online.


Show product price is any currency

Wherever in the world your business is, the Pickcel app lets you show your prices in the accepted currency. Display the same product catalogue in different countries— simply duplicate your catalogue and change the price & currency!


Flexible screen layouts

No hassle of manually resizing your catalogue to suit your display orientation. Just add your product image and details and choose your display orientation (portrait/landscape), our app will auto-fit your catalogue.


Create a playlist

Showcase unlimited number of products on your digital signage with our playlist feature. Set your preferred slide duration and let the products appear as a slideshow! The app lets you preview your catalogue before publishing it to the world.

Same App, Different Looks!

Present your products in multiple styles. Which one is your favorite?

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Other Amazing Pickcel Apps That You Can Try

All Pickcel apps come free with the Pickcel digital signage software. Try our software to unlock 80+ apps that make communication for your business easier!

Interesting Use Cases of the Product Catalogue App

We have listed a few. The sky is the limit for you!


Help Customers with Product Information

Showing the product image and price is not enough. Tell your customers what's special about each product so they don't have to look around in your store for the sales representative. If you are selling a woollen apparel that's made from vegan wool, let your customers know that it's a 'cruelty-free' product. That makes a world of a difference for many shoppers!


Attract window shoppers to the store

Showcasing your products on out-of-store digital signage and DOOH eliminates the need to spend tons of money on expensive ad campaigns. When your products are visible to the passerby crowd, your store will experience a rise in store footfall.

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