Uses of digital signage in real estate

Uses of digital signage in real estate


Spotlighting updated mortgage rates

Large condominiums and residential buildings can use signage to highlight the latest mortgage rates. This provides clients with vital financial information, helping them make informed decisions regarding their property investments.


Local area information

Digital screens can display detailed information about the area surrounding the property. This can include neighborhood amenities, schools, parks, transportation links, and local events. It helps gauge the community and lifestyle associated with the property before a potential investment decision is made.


360-degree video tours

Allows potential buyers or investors to e-explore properties in a detailed and interactive manner, enhancing their understanding of the space and layout without physically being there.


Know your agent

Signage displays featuring real estate agents' biographies help potential clients understand their qualifications, expertise, and achievements, enhancing credibility and trust.


Highlight customer reviews

Showcasing customer testimonials and reviews on digital signage can significantly enhance credibility and trustworthiness.


Custom tickers updates

Real-time ticker updates can provide accurate information about new listings, open house schedules, or real estate market trends, ensuring that clients receive the most current information as soon as they enter the office.

Solutions that bring out the best property experiences


QR code

Digital signage featuring property listings with integrated QR codes enhances client engagement. A quick scan can smoothly redirect to a dedicated webpage offering a comprehensive property view, including virtual tours, specifications, and pricing.


Product catalogue

Enables agencies to present an array of properties in an organized, captivating format. This allows easy interactions with e-catalogs utilizing touchscreens or remote controls to browse, compare features across various properties, and save favorites for future consideration.


Customer success story: The M3M project

How Pickcel helped India’s largest real estate dealers come up with a smoother property display and communication technique.

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Pickcel solved our dynamic data need. We have reduced the number of templates required for our ops team to create by having dynamic data from our SalesForce system.

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Digital Signage screen at office canteen displaying token information using Pickcel's Software
Digital Signage screen at office canteen displaying token information using Pickcel's Software

Wish I would have chosen them as a Vendor on the 1st Round. Purely professional. Timely request were met with timely thought out solutions.

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A modern marketing solution for modern clients

Why Pickcel digital signage solutions?

cloud-based digital signage

Pickcel has a cloud-based digital signage system that lets you take control of your digital displays, creatives, and kiosks anytime and anywhere.

safely stored in a cloud

All your content will be safely stored in a cloud environment from where you can manage and publish your content.

social media experience

Hardware-agnostic software that can run on any standard digital signage player device and OS like Android, MacOS, ChromeOS, Windows, etc.

customer support

Excellent customer support that handholds you through the entire software deployment, hardware installation, and product training process.

Benefits of digital signage in real estate

Eliminates Cost of Printing

Highlight Development Plans

Showcase renderings, animations, or 3D models of upcoming projects to generate excitement and pre-register potential buyers.

Convenience is Sky-High

Local Market Insights

Display graphs or charts showcasing local market trends, like rising property values or increasing demand for specific types of housing.

Convenience is Sky-High

Showcase Local Expertise

Display information about the local area, like nearby schools, parks, and amenities.

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