7 Ways to Master Digital Signage Employee Communications

Employees in an office reading messages on Slack dashboard displayed on digital signage screen


The benefits of digital signage for employee communications are vast. Here are 7 engaging ways to convey messages, improving office engagement.

You’ve also experimented with your internal communication strategy perhaps. But you only have ‘happy’ employees, not the ’engaged’ ones.

Signage technology can be a rewarding employee communication tool to display a wide range of company culture content, from company announcements to the digital wall of fame for employee recognition, from updates on benefits to training programs.

The benefits of digital signage for employee engagement are numerous. For one, it provides a dynamic and engaging way to communicate important information to employees, which is more likely to capture their attention and keep them informed.

It’s time to gear up for two shocking truths. Happy employees aren’t always consistently engaged. And, when you think you’ve tried everything, oh no! You have not tried EVERYTHING.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement refers to an employee’s emotional commitment and connection towards their organization and its goals. Their engagement stems from a sense of purpose, recognition, and a belief that their role has a meaningful impact on the company’s larger goals.

Engaged employees are those who feel connected with the company. They are enthusiastic, committed, and understand the need to achieve specific objectives set by the company. To an engaged employee, a company’s growth is similar to its growth. When your employees are engaged, you’ll see them thinking outside the box and going that extra mile to achieve success in every endeavor you undertake.

Del Monte Foods successfully implemented AxisTV digital signage software to enhance employee communication and boost morale across various locations in the U.S. According to David Glenn, Director of IT Enterprise Operations, the digital signage displays welcome messages, weather updates, live news, traffic cams, and employee-specific information in high-traffic areas like cafeterias and near elevators. This modern communication tool has significantly improved employee engagement and collaboration, aligning with Del Monte’s core values of innovation and teamwork.

7 ways to use digital signage for employee communication & engagement

Digital signage offers you the freedom of creating and playing all sorts of content using feature-rich display software. For instance, live videos, notices, animations, graphics, slides, spreadsheets, scrolling texts, countdown timers, news, weather updates, social media feeds, and more.

Here are seven unique ways you can utilize digital signage to foster a culture of employee engagement in your office.

1. Cancel out the frustration around wayfinding

Wayfinding map of an office building shows different levels of the building with detailed view of rooms and departments
Image source: Red Minnow

Navigating large office spaces can pose a challenge, particularly for newcomers or visitors. However, envision the simplicity of being guided by a digital map to your designated meeting room or the nearest restroom. Digital signage serves as the beacon for such guidance. Implementing an appealing and user-friendly digital wayfinding solution not only ensures a seamless on-premise experience for employees but also minimizes the loss of valuable work time and enhances efficiency.These digital displays can provide real-time information about room availability, scheduled meetings, and even emergency exits. For instance, in a situation where an employee is rushing to a meeting, they can quickly glance at a digital screen to find the fastest route to their conference room, while visitors can easily locate restrooms or their point of contact within the building. This ensures a seamless and efficient navigation experience, minimizing time loss and enhancing productivity.

2. Make internal communication more engaging & comfortable

Communication is the backbone of any organization. Digital signage can be a game-changer here. Instead of relying solely on emails that might go unread, why not flash important announcements on screens everyone can see? Share the chat room screen on your digital signage to ensure no one misses vital information. Let them have fun on employee social networks and display those feeds on social walls.

Showcase employee feedback and opinions on the digital screens to boost employee morale. Run specific company newsletters, announce upcoming meeting schedules, display the changes in organization policies, and customize your messages according to the gravity of workplace emergencies.

Here’s a video on how the multinational tech company Garmin is leveraging digital signage for internal communication and boosting employee engagement:

3. Grow an employee-friendly environment with mobile integration

Successful corporations provide their employees with digital gadgets and touchscreen devices to improve efficiency. For instance, if there’s an interactive kiosk, employees can sync their mobiles to access information or control what is displayed on the screen. Mobile device integration is also a must-have feature when you install an interactive kiosk or a wayfinding system. It also helps facilitate accessible intra-departmental communication.

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4. Engage employees with personalized content

Good morning wish and motivational quote on hard work are shown on two digital signage screens of an office

Personal touches always make a difference. A digital board wishing “Happy Birthday” or celebrating an employee’s achievement can boost morale. Think about the smile on an employee’s face when they see their work anniversary being acknowledged or their suggestion being implemented. Further, to motivate your employees, you can display personalized content like employee appreciation messages, monthly performance reward notices, etc. You can also organize workplace quizzes to hoist the interests of employees in work and kindle their creativity.

Your business can arrange events with noble causes such as blood donation camps, sustainability initiatives, etc. Prompting employee participation and giving frequent kudos to your employees for their humanitarian work helps your company connect with the staff at an emotional level.

5. Monitor your company’s progress

An office event is streaming live on digital signage screen and employees are watching it
Image source: Easyscreen.tv

Digital signage can be effectively utilized to display a company performance dashboard, offering a transparent view of the organization’s progress. Digital screens in common areas like break rooms or near workstations can broadcast real-time data on sales targets, project completions, and overall company performance. Employees can see up-to-date metrics such as monthly sales figures, departmental achievements, and upcoming company-wide goals. This visibility not only keeps everyone informed but also motivates employees by highlighting how their individual efforts contribute to the company’s success. Regular updates on the dashboard can foster a culture of accountability and encourage continuous improvement.

6. Play training videos to help employees pick up new skills

Employee training is pivotal for organizational success, ensuring staff are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. In the digital era, traditional training methods are being complemented or even replaced by innovative technologies like digital signage.

Healthcare Business Today highlights that digital signage captures employees’ attention with vibrant visuals, animations, and videos, making the learning experience more engaging. Unlike static materials, digital signage can incorporate interactive elements like touch screens, fostering active participation.

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7. Turn your office signage into a digital assistant

Human assistance sometimes fails to provide the necessary help to the employees. Budget, HRM inefficiency, or other causes can also result in a lack of manpower.

Digital signage for employee engagement can step in as the on-demand assistant here. From “how-to” guides on office processes to company policies or even tracking personal growth metrics, interactive signage solutions can help turn your screens into self-help kiosks and ensure employees gather information independently.

The bottom line

Digital signage for employee engagement offers many opportunities that businesses have yet to harness fully.

While traditional methods have their place, the dynamic nature of digital displays offers a fresh, interactive approach to communication and recognition. As businesses evolve, so should their strategies. When you choose digital signage, strong employee engagement is no longer an unattainable goal. It is the innovative solution you need to connect with your employees on a deeper level.

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