7 Ways Digital Signage Improves Employee Engagement

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You would agree that your employees build your company and steer it towards success. Hence, it is essential to think about employee engagement that will result in the rise in your business' productivity.

What is Employee Engagement?

Before moving towards any further technicalities, it is important to understand what employee engagement is. You work for better customer engagement which eventually leads to better sales. Similarly, employee engagement ensures that your employees are rightly utilizing the resources and being well-connected to the company. Employee engagement welcomes seamless contribution to the company.

Why is Employee Engagement Crucial for an Organization?

Without proper engagement from your employees, you won’t be able to streamline your business processes, thereby leading to a delay in revenue generation.

Motivated and engaged employees can shoot up a company’s profitability by 21%

- According to a Forbes article

There are plenty of blunders and errors that can affect the efficiency of your business. As an employer, you need to think about ways in which you can increase employee engagement so that it can result in better customer relationships. You need to think about employee engagement ideas that can yield results.

So, what’s the best way to improve employee engagement and bring substantial growth to your business?

Digital Signage Is The Best Way To Improve Employee Engagement

The world is moving towards digital capabilities, and you need to embrace them. When it comes to thinking about employee engagement activities, digital signage proves to be the best and most feasible option.

Digital signage helps your employees to interact with the company that further allows them to be more proactive, deliver meaningful contributions, add value to the team and the company and to improve customer experience, and boost sales eventually.

Over the years, digital wayfinding systems have emerged as one of the best employee engagement ideas through digital signage.

So, What Type Of Content Should You Use To Improve Employee Engagement?

Almost all sorts of digital content can be used for digital signage. For instance, videos, audios, texts, etc. The display content should induce a work-friendly culture and make your employees feel like a part of the team.

Here are a few ways you can use a digital signage software to improve employee engagement:

  1. Better Mapping Feature

    Running from end to end of an office campus to find the conference room or even the washroom can quickly turn frustrating for employees and visitors. This is particularly true for large corporate campuses, shared office premises, tech-parks, etc.

    Deploying attractive and easy-to-comprehend maps to your organization building or campus can offer a comfortable on-premise experience to the employees and customers. Besides, it reduces the loss of valuable work time of the employees, and maximizes their efficiency. You can think about adding animated wayfinding, customizable, or fit-to-your needs maps.

  2. Multi-Language Support

    You may have employees from different regions and nationals. So how do you plan to create an efficient working environment for them? That’s when multi-language support content comes in handy. You can use digital directories with foreign language support. It will allow your employees to engage with the company and use the resources in the right way.

  3. Device Integration

    Many successful corporations are already providing their employees with digital gadgets and touchscreen devices to improve their efficiency of working. With mobile device integration, employees can find solutions to different issues. When you install an interactive kiosk or a wayfinding system, mobile device integration becomes a must-have feature. Also, it facilitates easy intra-departmental communication.

  4. Use Your Digital Signage Monitor

    The best way to keep your employees engaged is to keep them updated and motivated. You can use a digital signage monitor to display your digital newsletters, upcoming meeting schedules, changes in organization policies, your company’s humanitarian initiatives, etc.

    A simple ‘Good morning’ or ‘Have a nice day’ message on the digital signage displays can leave a long-term positive impact on your employees. Further, to motivate your employees and engage with them at an emotional level, you can use your digital signage screens to display personalised contents like birthday wishes, employee appreciation messages and so on.

    You can also organize workplace quizzes to hoist the interests of employees in work and kindle their creativity. There are multiple employee engagement ideas you can think of with a digital signage monitor.

  5. Connect Internal Social Network

    Rigid and hierarchical communication is a part of the traditional business system. With digital signage, you can also improve the internal social network of your company. Internal communication strategies can be leveraged with digital signage. You can either create your dedicated on-premise communication app or invest in digital displays that will improve communications.

    Pickcel app store offers a wide range of social media, productivity and internal communication applications (like digital notice board, weather, news, etc.) for its digital signage solutions.

  6. Virtual Receptionist For Help

    At times, human assistance fails to provide the necessary help to the employees. However, a virtual receptionist will reduce your cost and increase your employee’s efficiency to streamline their issues. By utilizing the virtual receptionist app employees can even connect with different departments and enhance workplace communication.

  7. Add Training Videos

    Training videos are another great addition to workplace engagement. This way you can improve their skills and make them contribute to your company. Almost every company should make use of training videos for all the new employees. It is a pain-free method to get your employees trained.

The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt in asserting that digital signage is the next best thing you need to engage your employees. Pickcel is a one-stop destination for all your digital signage requirements.

Learn how to improve employee engagement instantly through digital signage.

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