7 Ways Digital Signage Improves Employee Communications & Engagement

Employees in an office reading messages on Slack dashboard displayed on digital signage screen


If you own a company , improving employee engagement has undoubtedly been a constant struggle for you.

Haven’t you tried everything? Rewards, bonuses, increments, promotions, holidays, office parties, meetings at posh locations, and whatnot! You’ve left no stone unturned to make employees feel happy and connected to the company’s mission & vision. You’ve also experimented with your internal communication strategy perhaps. But you only have ‘happy’ employees, not the ’engaged’ ones.

Digital signage can be a rewarding employee communication tool to display a wide range of content from company announcements to digital wall of fame for employee recognition; from updates on benefits to training programs.

The benefits of digital signage for employee engagement are numerous. For one, it provides a dynamic and engaging way to communicate important information to employees, which is more likely to capture their attention and keep them informed.

Time to gear up for two shocking truths. Happy employees aren’t always consistently engaged. And, when you think you’ve tried everything, maybe, oh no, surely you haven’t tried EVERYTHING.

What is Employee Engagement?

Before moving towards further technicalities, it is important to understand the definition of employee engagement. We often mistake it for employee communication or employee experience & satisfaction. None of these are similar to each other.

Engaged employees are those who feel connected with the company. They are enthusiastic, committed, and understand the need to achieve specific objectives set by the company. To an engaged employee, a company’s growth is similar to their own growth. When your employees are engaged, you’ll see them thinking outside the box and going that extra mile to meet success in every endeavor you undertake.

7 ways to use digital signage for employee communication & engagement

Digital signage offers you the freedom of creating and playing all sorts of content using feature-rich display software. For instance, live videos, notices, animations, graphics, slides, spreadsheets, scrolling texts, countdown timers, news, weather updates, social media feeds, and more.

Here are seven unique ways you can utilize digital signage to foster a culture of employee engagement in your office.

1. Cancel out the frustration around wayfinding

Wayfinding map of an office building shows different levels of the building with detailed view of rooms and departments
Image source: Red Minnow

Running from end to end of an office campus to find the conference room or washroom can quickly become frustrating for employees and visitors. This is particularly true for large corporate campuses, shared office premises, tech parks, etc.

Deploying an attractive and easy-to-comprehend digital wayfinding solution can offer a comfortable on-premise experience to the employees. Besides, it reduces the loss of valuable work-time of the employees and maximizes their efficiency.

You can think about adding animated interactive wayfinding, 3D maps, touchscreen maps, or any other custom design fit to your needs.

2. Make internal communication more engaging & comfortable

Employee communication and engagement are two different motives, but they are related. Without clear-cut communication and open sharing of opinions, employees can’t really build a connection among themselves.

Effective internal communication tools can keep employees together. Digital signage proves to be one of the best employee communication devices.

You can convey notice & announcements all at once. Share the chat room screen on your digital signage to ensure no one misses vital information. Let them have fun on employee social networks and display those feeds on social walls.

Showcase employee feedback and opinions on the digital screens to boost employee morale. Run specific company newsletters, announce upcoming meeting schedules, display the changes in organization policies, and customize your messages according to the gravity of workplace emergencies.

Here’s a video on how the multinational tech company Garmin is leveraging digital signage for internal communication and boosting employee engagement:

3. Grow an employee-friendly environment with mobile integration

Many successful corporations are already providing their employees with digital gadgets and touchscreen devices to improve their working efficiency. With mobile device integration, employees can find solutions to different issues.

Mobile device integration becomes a must-have feature when you install an interactive kiosk or a wayfinding system. Also, it facilitates accessible intra-departmental communication.

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4. Engage employees with personalized content

Good morning wish and motivational quote on hard work are shown on two digital signage screens of an office

A simple ‘Good morning’ or ‘Have a nice day’ message on the digital signage displays can leave a long-term positive impact on your employees.

Further, to motivate your employees, you can display personalized content like birthday wishes, employee appreciation messages, monthly performance reward notices, and so on. You can also organize workplace quizzes to hoist the interests of employees in work and kindle their creativity.

Your business can arrange for different events with noble causes such as blood donation camps, clothes donation initiatives, or book distribution. Prompting employee participation and giving frequent kudos to your employees for their humanitarian work helps your company connect with the staff at an emotional level.

5. Bring all your employees together

An office event is streaming live on digital signage screen and employees are watching it
Image source: Easyscreen.tv

The employee who has gone to another city for a client meeting can’t attend the Christmas party at the main office building. The staff member visiting another branch can’t taste the fun at the head office. You can have a quick & easy solution to that using digital signage.

Go live on your company’s social media page, broadcast the party activities through digital sign software, and include each employee designated at all the branches of your company. They can watch and join the fun from their locations. This way, they won’t feel excluded.

6. Play training videos to help employees pick up new skills

Digital signage allows you to run training programs without making your employees move to and fro between their cubicles and training rooms.

Your office screen can play the training module with videos, texts, and even live interactions with the lecturers. Your employees won’t have to manage time from their work schedules to attend a meeting. They can learn alongside their regular work and build necessary skills.

7. Turn your office signage into a digital assistant

Human assistance sometimes fails to provide the necessary help to the employees. Budget, HRM inefficiency, or other causes can also result in a lack of manpower.

By choosing interactive signage solutions, you can turn your digital signage screens into self-help kiosks and ensure employees gather information on their own.

Using the self-help kiosks, employees can find out ‘how-to’ guides regarding different work processes. They can search for company rules and norms, learn about their profile, track their growth in the company and much more.

The Bottom Line

Too many things to do using digital signage, yet so little you do with it!

Learn from the above examples and find the best ways to suit your company. Strong employee engagement is no longer an unattainable goal when you choose digital signage. It is the next best thing you need to engage your employees.

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