Dynamic audio-visuals are more compelling than simple texts and are therefore retained for longer periods of time. And that is why many modern education centers believe that using digital signage in schools and colleges can positively impact the learning abilities of students.

Using digital signage solutions for schools is also a cost-effective way to keep the teachers & staff updated with various educational trends.

Digital Signage in Educational Institutions

Digital Signage in Educational Institutions


Visual Learning

Use digital screens for classroom lectures. Show presentations, videos of science demonstrations, pre-recorded class lectures & more. Use the Pickcel-integrated apps like Google Sheets, Google Slides to present shareable files.


Campus-Wide Announcements

Reach all staff and students inside the campus; show daily announcements, news, sports updates and other important announcements such as exam dates, holidays, security & safety norms, administrative notices, school results etc.


Digital Notice board

Use the Pickcel Digital Bulletin Board app for showcasing students’ creative works, innovation, student & faculty speeches, student recognition, school news capsules, quotes, quizzes, educational contents, event calendars, etc.


Parent Notifications

Establish transparent communication with the guardians. Display school facilities, faculty members, affiliation, etc. Announce important updates like admission notification, fee payment, exam dates, last date of submissions, etc.


Emergency Messaging System

Create a safe and secure environment by alerting everyone on campus about hurricane warnings, fire incidents, or earthquakes. Show emergency evacuation protocols, nearest exit gates, and instructions to control panic & chaos.


Digital Menu Boards

Best digital signage system to display food menu options and daily food specials. Also, educate children on healthy eating habits, dining etiquettes, hygiene practices, fun food facts, etc.


Customer Success Story: Christ University

How this leading higher education institute is using Pickcel's digital signage software to show notices, examination schedules & make quick announcements in real-time.

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Why Pickcel Digital Signage Solutions?

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Eliminates Cost of Printing

Pickcel has a cloud-based digital signage system that lets you take control of your digital screens, creatives, and kiosks anytime and anywhere.

10X Higher Impact

All your content will be safely stored in a cloud environment from where you can manage and publish your content.

Convenience is Sky-High

Hardware-agnostic software that can run on any standard digital signage player device and OS like Android, MacOS, ChromeOS, Windows, etc.


Great customer support that handholds you through the entire process of software deployment, hardware-installation and product training.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Schools

Eliminates Cost of Printing

Improve Learning Experience

Grab the attention and improve the learning experience of students by showing visually appealing rich content. Encourage interactive learning. Promote deep learning of subject matter and foster collaborative attitude.

10X Higher Impact

Motivate Students

Boost the confidence of students and motivate them by promoting their academic and non-academic achievements all over the campus. Encourage them to achieve more by showing their hard work and other excellent activities.

Convenience is Sky-High

Go Green & Reduce Expenses

Cut down the costs of using notices, pamphlets, posters and other traditional print media items & indirect expenses such as paper, ink, all stationary materials. Reduce the cost of using printers & photocopy machines.


Enhance Student Engagement

With the help of your college or school digital signage, you can encourage students to participate in games and quizzes, enroll in various seminars, conferences, tours, and attend lectures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can create digital notice boards, make campus-wide announcements, publish notes, a messaging system for campus, digital maps, and many more digital solutions for your school, college, or university.

In the education industry, the advent of the digital age has entirely changed the way of learning. With modernists aims to create a new generation that is well versed with high technology, implementing education digital signage in schools and colleges has become necessary. School digital signage can help change the way of learning. Instead of getting bored with their syllabus, students will be encouraged and motivated to learn from digital sources. It will also help educational institutions to reduce their expenses by going paperless.

For digital signage school systems, you would need a big display screen, digital kiosks, LED boards, projecting systems, etc., to get started. Your digital signage needs will decide the hardware requirements.