Why LG webOS for Digital Signage?


No external signage media player required

less wires and power cords

Aesthetically better as less wires and power cords


Intuitive & user-friendly interface


Easy installation, low set up cost


Suitable to run web apps


Good customer support

Get the Pickcel digital signage software for your LG webOS displays


Pickcel Features Supported on LG webOS displays

Display registration

Display registration and managing displays

ontent management

Content management: creating and publishing images, videos, URLs, etc


Creating custom layouts and compositions


Streaming live content like social media feeds, news, RSS feeds, etc


Scheduling content and managing multiple schedules across several screens.

screen uptime

Reporting on screen uptime and content play duration

Supported LG webOS Display Models

Pickcel signage software supports a variety of LG displays with webOS platform.

OS Type Display Series
webOS 3.2 (3.0+) SM5KD, SM5D
webOS 3.0 UH5C, LS75C, LS73D, SM3C, SM5C, SM5KC, UH5C, XE3C, XF3C,XS2C
lgwebos commercial

source : LG

Getting started with Pickcel digital signage software on LG webOS

1. Installing the Pickcel app on LG webOS with USB flash drive

Install the Pickcel application
1. Install the Pickcel application on your LG TV from our downloads page
Install the Pickcel application
2. Connect the USB and create a folder named ‘application’ (folder name is case-sensitive).
Keep the downloaded IPK
3. Keep the downloaded IPK file in the application folder and the name of the file should be ‘’ (file name is case-sensitive).
Insert the USB flash drive
4. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of your LG device. Then, click on the Settings icon from the LG remote.
5. Open General and click on the Time & Date option.
Set the Date & Time and Time Zone
6. Set the Date & Time and Time Zone.
Ez Setting
7. Go for the Ez Setting menu, select the SI SERVER SETTING option.
8. On the SI SERVER SETTING screen, select the SI Server Setting option.
settings menu
9. On the settings menu, set the following fields with the values provided. The following fields are marked with corresponding letters in the screenshot below.
  • Application Launch Mode: Local
  • Application Type: IPK
  • Local Application Upgrade: USB
clicking on USB
10. After clicking on USB you will get an Application Upgrade confirmation pop-up. Click on ‘CONFIRM.’
show a success message
11. It will show a success message after completion of the installation. Click on ‘OK ‘ and reboot the device.
Press the ‘Home’ button
12. Press the ‘Home’ button to see the Pickcel app on the home screen and select the Pickcel app, then press the ‘OK’ button on the remote to launch the app.
Pickcel CMS configuration setup screen

2. Launching the Pickcel player app on your LG device:

  • a. Press the Home button on your LG remote. You will see the Pickcel app on the home screen.
  • b. Select the Pickcel app and press the OK button to launch the app.
  • c. After the app launches, it takes a couple of minutes to connect with the internet.
  • d. Once the internet is connected, your screen will show a 6-digit unique “Screen Registration Code”
  • e. Use the 6-digit code to ad your LG display with the Pickcel console
Pickcel CMS configuration setup screen

3. Registering the LG device with Pickcel console:

  • a. Use any laptop or desktop to register or login to your Pickcel console.
  • b. Once logged in, navigate to the Screen Module.
  • c. Click on the + Screen button to add your LG display.
  • d. Enter the 6-digit Screen Registration Code displayed on the LG TV.
  • e. Enter a screen name, location (optional), and google location (optional), to complete the screen registration.

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