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digital sigange in australia 7 companies


Finance, healthcare, and education are some of the fastest-growing sectors in Australia, and they are well-known for their exceptional customer service, seamless internal management, and hospitality.

But have you ever wondered what keeps these sectors running so smoothly and looking so modern? And more importantly, have you started thinking about it yourself?

It’s not just about these three sectors; it’s about every industry. Whether you’re in transportation, media, or any other field, technological advancement is the key. You probably already believe that digital signage is a technology that can enhance customer service, streamline internal management, and improve hospitality with scalability and ease. That’s likely why you’re reading this blog, right?

If you’re not yet leveraging digital signage for your business but want to learn about some reliable digital signage solution providers in Australia, this blog is all yours.

1. Pickcel

Digital signage displaying a sale pickcel TV digital signage.

Pickcel, along with Australia, is available in over 30 countries, offering revolutionary digital signage software solutions. Managing hundreds of digital signages at once is a breeze with Pickcel. Their centralized CMS provides access to all connected signages, no matter where they are in the world. Additionally, Pickcel ensures top-level security, being SOC 2 certified, which verifies its robust data protection.


  • Hosting: It can be hosted both on the cloud and on-premises ensuring high security and enhanced customization.

  • Application and integration: Pickcel offers options for integration with over 60 applications. Popular business platforms such as Slack, Google Apps, [social media](, news, navigation, CAP, SSO, and countless other useful tools can be accessed.

  • Reliability and support: Along with deployment and maintenance, their responsibility includes consultation and development. They are available at every stage of your digital signage journey.

  • Cost-effective: Pickcel is affordable for both small and large enterprises. Their professional plan costs less than a burger, at only $13.5 per month if billed annually.


  • Limited features in free plan: The free plan provides limited access to premium features, but you can upgrade to access them all.

  • Only 14 days free trial: The free trial period is limited to half a month, but it’s enough to discover how easy it is to work with Pickcel!

2. Mandoe Media

Mondoe started in Australia back in 2010 and quickly became a global specialist in digital signage and media players. Mondoe’s services simplify marketing with their content creation studio, which is accessible even in the free plan. You can access millions of free images and videos for your business and use professional templates.


  • Mondoe offers over 1,000 templates designed to cater to various business requirements.

  • They have a help center providing information on creating content and managing the software.


  • Mondoe’s Essential paid plan only offers storage support of 1GB per month.

  • Mondoe’s hosting doesn’t support on-premise solutions.

  • Limited integration, as it doesn’t support streaming applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

3. Look Digital Signage

Digital signage displaying a sale look digital sigange TV digital signage.

Founded in 2016, Look Digital Signage (LDS) has quickly gained recognition for its award-winning digital signage software solutions. Despite being a relatively new player, LDS software stands out for its simplicity and reliability.

It offers a host of key features, such as built-in graphics editors that allow for easy font customization and access to free templates. Additionally, LDS supports third-party integration and scheduled content updates, making it a valuable asset for businesses.


  • The Offline Playback feature enables displays to operate without an internet connection, requiring connectivity only for updating content or settings

  • Highly adaptable layouts can be customized for different resolutions and screen ratios, ensuring unique interactive displays.

  • Smart Scheduling options facilitate easy content updates according to predefined schedules.


  • LDS digital signage software does not have a live streaming app like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

4. Clever Touch

Clever Touch started as a small family-owned business in 2009 but quickly grew into a leading global provider of digital signage solutions. Their displays are equipped with Google Mobile Services (GMS), allowing seamless access to a wide range of Google services such as Google Search, YouTube, and Google Meet. A standout feature is their award-winning software, CleverLive, which simplifies content management for displays, making it an ideal choice for businesses.


  • AirServer features enable collaborative meetings directly on digital displays.

  • Clear Touch displays include live rooms, allowing easy room booking via Google or Microsoft Calendar for meetings.


  • There is no clear-cut-price structure. The price can be customized by getting in touch with the Clever Touch team

  • There is no dashboard integration, fusionmaking it hard for users to analyze and manage the content on displays

5. Fusion Signage

Fusion Signage is designed for those seeking a minimalistic and user-friendly software experience. Although relatively new, having been founded in 2017, Fusion Signage addresses key customer needs such as media library management, playlist management, and a wide range of widget controls. It offers excellent screen control and includes grouping features to manage multiple screens simultaneously.


  • Previously scheduled playlists can run without an active internet connection.

  • Fusion Signage allows unlimited user access for account management.


  • Fusion Signage does not offer an on-premise hosting option; it is only available as a cloud-based solution.

  • The dashboard does not support Power BI or Jira.

  • They only offer yearly plans, with no option for monthly subscriptions.

  • The basic plan includes limited features, offering only 1GB of storage and no scheduling capabilities.

6. Just Digital Signage

Digital signage displaying a sale look digital sigange TV digital signage.

Just Digital Signage (JDS), founded in 2006, stands as a pioneer in Digital Signage solutions. Their digital signage software empowers businesses to effortlessly customize, update, and manage display information.

Moreover, the software allows for the creation of dynamic graphic advertisements, making it a preferred choice for thousands of businesses facing digital signage challenges.


  • It features an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop functionality and a live video manager.

  • Users benefit from multimedia management capabilities, enabling simultaneous content updates, template usage, and advertisement scheduling.

  • The software leverages cloud connectivity, facilitating secure storage of valuable data.


  • Security remains a concern due to the lack of SOC2 certification.

  • The integration of dashboards is minimal, potentially complicating user navigation.

  • JDS exclusively supports only cloud-based solutions without an on-premise option.

7. Superbolt

Founded in 2023, Superbolt has quickly gained global recognition for its affordable pricing and impressive features. Superbolt simplifies content and device management, offering transparent reporting with an interactive UI that provides detailed analytics. The company serves a variety of industries, including retail, restaurants, and educational institutions like schools and universities.


  • They offer a generous 30-day free trial.

  • Product training is included in their paid plans.


  • Superbolt does not provide an on-premise hosting option.

  • They only offer yearly plans, with no monthly subscription options.

  • All plans are paid, with no free options for software exploration.

Summing up!

With that said, we’ve covered all the top companies to consider for digital signage solutions in Australia. However, there’s still one crucial point to address. Choosing the best option among the seven can be challenging. Let me simplify it for you: Pickcel has resolved most of the issues found in the other six companies. Well, except for its own minor quirks (just kidding).

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