There are plenty of ways in which you can bring together your employees and enhance communication. One of the best ways is corporate digital signage. You can engage, communicate, and motivate your employees by using corporate digital signage solutions.

Pickcel is a one-stop solution to all your corporate digital signage needs. Digital signs software that will help you create different corporate digital signage content for office communication.

Show Content that Matters to Your Business

Some impressive use cases of digital signage for corporate communication.

Show Content that Matters to Your Business

Some impressive use cases of digital signage for corporate communication.



Showcase works of corporate social responsibility on your digital signage. Reinforce brand values by showing company mission statement. Highlight your esteemed clientele & collaborators.


Internal Communication

Share project updates & key business stats. Show communication threads on internal channels like Slack. Create digital bulletin boards to display meeting schedules & event calendars.


Employee Motivation

Engage your staff with industry-specific RSS feeds, news, leadership podcasts, etc. Introduce new recruits, or share personalized messages like Birthday wishes. Show training videos.


Maps & Building Directory

Large organizations & shared office spaces can use interactive kiosks to help visitors with way-finding maps of the premises, department extension numbers, and general information.


Emergency Messages

The Pickcel content management software has a ‘Quickplay’ feature that can override regular content & play impromptu alerts across selected screens.


Customer Success Story: Hindustan Unilever

How the HUL offices galvanized internal communication & employee engagement.

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Why Pickcel Digital Signage Solutions?

cloud-based digital signage

Pickcel provides full-service digital signage solutions for corporate that include content management system, digital signage kiosk solutions, customizable apps & much more.

safely stored in a cloud

Powerful data security and privacy to ensure all your business intelligence is protected from breach.

social media experience

Our cloud-based software is easily scalable. Control thousands of geographically-distributed screens from a centralised or decentralized location.

marketing campaigns

Zero friction during set up with the Pickcel's hardware-agnostic application. Our software can run on any standard LED display player and OS.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Corporate Offices

Here are a few excellent benefits of adopting retail digital signage solutions:

Eliminates Cost of Printing

Eliminates Cost of Printing

Digital signage is a one-time investment with a high ROI. You can cut down on the cost of designing, printing and also the cost of time.

10X Higher Impact

10X Higher Impact

Retail businesses need to engage customers. Digital content is visually compelling and multiple compositions can be played together.

Convenience is Sky-High

Convenience is Sky-High

Imagine controlling thousands of geographically-distributed screens from a single laptop. Digital signage software makes it possible.



A screen that shows your brand’s ad banner can also show the live weather. Unlike static signage, digital signage are essentially reusable assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate digital signage or digital corporate communications is all about an advanced and effective way to communicate with your employees and customers. You can create digital notice boards, make campus-wide announcements, publish notes, a messaging system for campus, digital maps, and many more digital solutions for your school, college, or university.

You need to have an Android Lollipop 5 operating system or above, rooted device to begin with digital signage.

The best thing about Pickcel software is that it is automatically updated. Whenever there is a new update, it will be downloaded automatically. You will get a 14 days free trial period, after which you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Yes, you can add your custom components to create your digital signage.