7 Digital Signage Companies in the UK to Look Out For

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The UK digital signage market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.7% during the forecast period to reach a whopping $1.3 billion in 2025. Clearly, this technology has gained significant traction over the past few years.

One of the primary reasons for this is that businesses have witnessed several benefits after digital signage implementation. From increased profits to higher levels of engagement from customers and visitors. In fact, studies say digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays, and the recall rate of digitally delivered information is an astounding 83%.

Today, there are dozens of digital signage companies in the UK. This means choosing the right service provider is getting increasingly difficult. To help you make the right decision, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of the top digital signage companies you should consider for your next project. Read on.

What is digital signage?

Any electronic display that is used to showcase information, advertising, or other content in public spaces can be considered digital signage. These include interactive kiosks, digital billboards, etc. Unlike static signs, digital signage can play videos, animations, live feeds, and even web content.

One of the primary benefits of digital signage is that information can be changed remotely and in real-time. It also provides valuable insights — like impressions, views, dwell times and heatmaps — to inform decision-making.

7 British digital signage companies to look out for

Selecting the right signage solution for your project is a critical move. You need a fit that aligns with your software, hardware, business goals, and budget. We’ve rounded up a list of the top 7 digital signage companies that may be right for you:

1. Pickcel

Pickcel stands out as the UK’s top digital signage company. It’s renowned for its top-of-the-line solutions that have set new industry benchmarks. The brand offers both cloud-based and on-premise digital signage solutions, helping users manage and display dynamic media on screens with ease and efficiency.

Distinguished by a diverse range of solutions, Pickcel caters to various needs, including digital menu boards, notice boards, social walls, and queue management systems. What sets them apart are the innovative features embedded in their offerings – real-time monitoring, remote device control, and content scheduling, ensuring a seamless and dynamic display experience.

Beyond software, Pickcel extends its support through managed services, providing remote upkeep, maintenance, and content management. Their clients include industry giants like Amazon, Decathlon, Uber, NEC, Etisalat, and Mercedes.


  • The software comprises language and currency settings, making it versatile for businesses in different regions.

  • Solutions are highly customizable to suit various project requirements.\

  • Pickcel offers design tools, professional templates, and content apps for faster content creation, publishing, and management.


Learning to use all the features may take time for those new to digital signage.

2. Sabercom

Having been in the game for over a decade, Sabercom is a top contender when it comes to the best digital signage solution providers. They have worked with businesses across various sectors, helping their customers communicate effectively with audiences while building brand recall. Sabercom - A UK based digital signage company.

Source: Sabercom

Sabercom can recommend and source suitable digital signage hardware (displays, mounts, etc.) and provide professional installation services to ensure a seamless setup. Their digital signage software is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to easily create, schedule, and deliver content to your digital displays. Top features include:

  • Drag-and-drop content creation

  • Media playback (videos, images, text)

  • Scheduled playlists

  • Live data integration

  • Customizable templates

  • Social media integration

  • Mobile device management


  • They cater to several industries, from offices and factories to schools and medical facilities

  • Customers receive unlimited training and personalized support from a dedicated team

  • Trusted by established companies throughout the UK


  • Their website lacks detailed information and pricing transparency

  • They have a limited online presence, so you will need to book a consultation with them to learn more about their products

3. Signagelive

With headquarters located in the UK outside of Cambridge, Signagelive is a top industry player in the UK. It was founded in 1997 and has expanded its presence to over 45 countries. Its cloud-based platform, available in multiple languages, consistently ranks among the top five globally. Sabercom - A UK based digital signage company.

Source: SignageLive

The brand’s comprehensive offering includes hosting, storage, and technical support. The signage solution itself has an intuitive interface that simplifies content creation and management, while its API-first approach helps customers build tailor-made experiences.


  • Seamlessly integrates with various hardware, from system-on-chip displays by Samsung, LG, and Philips to standalone media players from BrightSign, IAdea, and Chrome.

  • Remote firmware updates eliminate the need for costly engineer visits

  • Flexible payment options range from one-month trials to five-year plans.


  • If you have a device that needs to be reused, it sometimes can be difficult to transfer the license from one device to another

  • The user interface is dated and not user-friendly, leading to a steep learning curve

4. One digital signage

Sabercom - A UK based digital signage company.
Source: One Digital Signage

To boost brand recall and top-of-the-mind awareness, customized solutions are the way to go. For those following this approach, One Digital Signage UK is a great option. They focus on creating bespoke solutions that utilize British craftsmanship and award-winning designs.

As a member of the Made in Britain family, all their displays are meticulously manufactured at their Midlands HQ, using robust materials and high-quality British steel. With a 20-year history in the AV and digital signage industry, their digital displays are high quality and are perfect if you want to elevate your brand experience and prioritize long-term value.

Through a consultative process, the team collaborates with customers to understand the company’s vision, challenges, and industry. This helps them design and deliver tailored digital solutions that match your brand needs.


  • You can choose from over 180 pre-designed products that cover a vast array of applications, including menu boards, information kiosks, video walls, and interactive displays.

  • They support local manufacturing and invest in the British economy.

  • Provide close collaboration to understand your vision and overcome challenges.

  • All products come with a full 3-year commercial on-site warranty.


  • The initial investment will be higher as they focus on bespoke solutions

  • Custom design and manufacturing require additional time compared to readily available displays.

  • Less suitable if cost is the primary concern

5. Impact digital signage

For businesses seeking a good balance of affordability and features, Impact Digital Signage could be a strong contender. They offer well-equipped platforms at competitive price points and cater to businesses of all sizes and across various industries.

mpact Digital Signage - A UK based digital signage company.
Source: Impact Digital Signage

You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of digital screens, kiosks, and other display formats to tailor the solution to your specific needs and environment. They also offer packages with and without content design services, depending on your budget and requirements.


  • Offer affordable solutions and premium builds too

  • They have a diverse product range, catering to various needs and industries.

  • You get access to a dedicated team to help with initial installation, configuration, ongoing maintenance, and support


  • Limitations in widget customization and font choices

  • Setting up isn’t very intuitive and can be time-consuming

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6. Pacific

Pacific Digital Signage UK - A UK based digital signage company.
Source: Pacific Digital Signage UK

Pacific is a privately owned, Basingstoke-based, IT and AV solution provider. Having been in the industry for 25 years, they come with plenty of experience and offer comprehensive digital signage solutions for several sectors across the UK and Europe

Their services include audio-visual design and installation, IT support, IT consultancy services, and hardware and software supply.


  • Offer a full suite of services, white-labeled through our fully ITIL-compliant team

  • Their in-house team crafts engaging visuals and collaborates with you to develop impactful messaging

  • Their dedicated team helps with installation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance


  • Maintenance and software updates often require ongoing attention

  • May face delays in product delivery

7. SignageRocket

SignageRocket provides all-in-one, intuitive, and easy-to-use cloud software. These solutions allow you to manage and monitor all your displays, assign content, and deploy your custom applications.

The platform runs on modern, smart TVs with SoC (System on Chip). SoC is a smart solution that offers performance, space-saving, and energy efficiency. Their sign-up process is very simple — just register, verify your email address and you can immediately log in to your SignageRocket account. After that, you will have to connect your display and choose the apps you want to use.


  • Data is stored in highly secured data centers and the network architecture meets the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

  • It is a fully automated platform, so the team keeps updating your content at no extra cost

  • Supports BrightSign players, Windows as well Chrome browsers


  • A weak internet connection can lead to technical glitches

  • Initial setup may require effort, and the workflow can take time to adapt

Get the best digital signage solutions with Pickcel!

Choosing the best digital signage platform hinges on your company’s needs, budget, and existing tech ecosystem. Conduct thorough research, ask questions, and compare options before making a decision. This will help you gauge whether the solution will seamlessly integrate with your brand and long-term vision.

If you’re looking for top-notch digital signage solutions to boost brand recall and engage stakeholders, our team at Pickcel can help. Reach out to us for a no-obligation consultation today.

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