6 Incredible DIY Thanksgiving Signage Ideas for your Festive Screens

office digital signage showing the message, Happy Thanksgiving


With the aroma of pumpkin spice filling the air, Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

With shops and restaurants about to teem with people of all ages in the next few days, preparations are in full swing! Offices are dressing up for pre-Thanksgiving parties, schools & colleges are primed for the holidays.

Is there a better time to line up some thrilling thanksgiving content ideas for your signage screens that could get the crowd abuzz and cheering? I heard you!

Sit tight and hold on as we go through some DIY festive digital signage templates you can edit the way you like― hourly thanksgiving tickers, Thanksgiving spotlights, and so much more!

Heads Up: All the Thanksgiving signage examples in this blog are created with Pickcel composition* designer or are straight from our template** library. You can make any DIY signage design with our 60+ content apps, integrated Canva designer and millions of free stock photos.

And yes, we also have some awesome ready-to-use templates for you. Just click the 'Use template' button (below the images) to get started!

*Learn what is a composition in Pickcel,

**Learn what are Pickcel composition templates & how to use them

6 Thanksgiving Content Ideas for your Digital Signage

Here are some creative Thanksgiving signage ideas for your office displays, store signs and outdoor DOOH screens. Better turn off your ovens or the turkey is bound to be charred.😜

1. Thanksgiving Countdown

This is a ready-to-use design available in the Pickcel composition template library. The template uses the Countdown app that allows you to add live countdown tickers to get everyone up and excited! Use it to show a holiday countdown or a curtain raiser to your office’s pre-Thanksgiving party. After all, it’s the countdown to the T day.

How to use this Thanksgiving signage template?

Step 1: Click the ‘Use this template’ button to log in to your Pickcel account. If you haven’t yet signed up, you can register for a free 14-day trial (no credit cards, no commitments.)

Step 2: After login, head over to the Compositions > Templates. Select the ‘Corporate’ filter. You will find this template. Hover over the templates and click the ‘Copy & Edit’ button.

Step 3: Change everything from the background image to visual aesthetics. You can also configure the countdown app by changing the text, timer end-date and post-countdown message. Preview before saving your composition.

Step 4: Pair your signage displays and publish your content instantly or schedule them for later.

Is it that simple?🤩

Told ya!

2. Thanksgiving Holiday Message

Come on! Your employees are looking forward to a Thanksgiving weekend with loved ones as much as you are! And, what better than getting them a little excited about it with the thanksgiving holiday announcement?

This template is perfect for your office break rooms, visitor lounge, and conference halls. Blending elegantly the November mercury levels from the Weather Animation app with a cheerful Thanksgiving greeting is all you need to set in the fiesta vibe. Top it up with quick bulletins by customizing the Scroller app.

How to use this Thanksgiving signage template?
Follow the same steps as above.

3. Thanksgiving Digital Menu Board

With October just gone by, the festive season has just begun! From Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations up and incoming, are you still the one to have a static vinyl menu board printed for your customers? A ‘festive special’ blackboard to update the seasonal menu? Oh man, it’s time you go digital!

With Pickcel’s Digital Menu Board App, personalize your digital menu displays with seasonal offerings, discounts, and prices. Highlight special items, add ‘Sold Out’ labels, and make your menu mobile-ready with QR code. All you need is our software and a few taps!

How to create your own Thanksgiving digital menu board?
Read this guide

4. Thanksgiving Twitter Wall for Outdoor Signage Displays

Be it your brand’s special festive social media contest or the local church’s Thanksgiving donation campaign, our Twitter Plus, Facebook Plus, Instagram Plus, and Social Wall apps can help you generate massive engagement with any audience demographic.

You can filter posts and tweets by hashtags or by any user profile. You can also handpick your posts through manual moderation. Here is an example of how your Thanksgiving tweet collage might look on a DOOH signage.

How to create a Twitter Wall?
Read this guide

5. Thanksgiving-special Bulletin Board & Recognition Wall

Thanksgiving digital signboards are the trend at schools worldwide, and for all the right reasons! From highlighting students’ contributions in academics, social work, or creativity to getting out the pre-thanksgiving schedule and what’s in for the holiday week created with our Bulletin Board App, let’s not limit our ideas to mere blackboards and chalk-talks anymore!

Why use our Bulletin Board App?

  • Allows for a slideshow of announcements created, written, and designed by you

  • Publish multiple notices at once, in any order! Just type in or paste the text.

  • Select the pace at which your notifications show up.

  • Add your institute logo on your digital notice board

  • Remote and real time options to publish your messages with room to preview your bulletins before it’s live on screens.

How to use the Bulletin board app?
Read this guide

6. Gamified Discount for In-Store Digital Signage

It’s that time of the year again (store owners)!

What are your holiday season offerings, hmm? A 50% discount on all of those Zara pullovers? I’d love that! Is there an exclusive surprise discount once I scan that QR on the screen? The one beside your Thanksgiving store-closure message! OH MY, let’s go!

As a retailer, I’d be super happy to see my customers with all smiles and excited to make a purchase. All credits to Pickcel’s Digital Discount Coupons App!

How to use the Discount app?
Read this guide

Wrapping it up (quite literally)!

Now that you know what to gift wrap in silvery foils and ribbons for your customers, visitors, students, and team, what are you waiting for? Create some exciting Thanksgiving content with our ideas. Tweet your think pieces created with our apps and add #thanksgivingideas! Don’t forget to @ us @PickcelSignage! You can also tag us your creatives on LinkedIn with @Pickcel - Cloud Digital Signage Solution. Who knows when you might win a feature in our blogs, stories, or something we are working on!

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