Why Raspberry Pi?

Digital signage is omnipresent today. Almost every business industry is now seeking the assistance of digital signage to enhance their services. But what digital signage for Raspberry PI can offer you?

Cost Effective

Raspberry digital signage has the lowest cost compared to other digital signages. It is one of the preferred reasons why it is becoming largely popular these days.

Good Performance

With Raspberry PI digital signage software, you can avail of stable and high-performing solutions that you cannot get otherwise. If you are not running your digital signage 24x7, Raspberry can showcase pretty impressive performance.

Easy Accessibility

Raspberry pi digital signage is popular hardware and is available in almost any country without any restriction.

raspberry pi 4 motherboard


raspberry pi 4 unit
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
  • Minimum of 8GB SD Card
  • Desktop/Laptop (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • USB keyboard
  • SD Card reader
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power adaptor

Steps to get started with Raspberry PI


Prepare SD Card

Pickcel provides a pre-installed raspberry pi image file, which needs to be downloaded and installed on an SD card.

  • Download the img zip file (pickcel.img.gz) download Download
  • Download the balenaEtcher tool from here and install this tool on your desktop. This tool is supported on Windows, MacOS and Linus also.
  • Insert SD Card into the SD Card reader (You may require an external USB SD card reader)Plug the SD Card into your System
  • Launch balenaEtcher App,
    • Click on “Flash from file”, and select the downloaded pickcel.img.gz file.
    • Select SD Card as target and click on Flash
    • Wait for the Flash to complete the process
raspberry pi installation setup window
raspberry tv connection slot identification

Setup PI with your TV

  • Insert the SD card in your PI
  • Connect PI with HDMI cable and Power adaptor
  • Connect your Television HDMI in with the HDMI cable and ensure that the right HDMI source is selected
  • Connect a USB keyboard on one of the USB port of the Pi
    • The keyboard is required for the first time only to configure wifi network,
    • In case you have ethernet connectivity with DHCP IP address and DNS setup, you may not require any configuration and hence may not require a USB keyboard.
  • Power on the Raspberry PI
  • You should see the boot logo of raspberry pi os on your TV
  • On completion of the boot, the Pickcel apk would launch automatically

Connect to Internet

1. In case you have ethernet connectivity with DHCP IP address and DNS setup, and If Pi gets internet access over http/https (access to *.pickcel.com), you should see the Pickcel registration screen.
raspberry tv connection slot identification
2. In this case, you may not require any configuration and skip the below step.
raspberry pi configuration setup window
3. Once the boot is complete and you a see Pickcel app screen with no internet error, On your Keyboard use Ctrl + Shift + N to open Raspi Config screen
raspberry pi no internet error window
4. Select Network Options using arrow key of keyboard
raspberry pi network option setup window
5. Select Wi-fi options
raspberry pi wifi setup window
6. Type SSID and press enter
raspberry pi SSID setup window
7. Enter Passphrase (Password). Leave empty if none. And press enter
raspberry pi password setup window
8. Click on Ok and on Raspi config screen click on Finish. This will restart the device and launch Pickcel Automatically and display the Screen Registration code.
Pickcel CMS configuration setup screen

Register at Pickcel CMS

Industries That Are Powered By Raspberry PI Digital Signage Solution

We at Pickcel cater to our client's diverse requirements and create custom-made Raspberry PI digital signage software for our clients that respond to their needs at the right time.

What Is Our Pricing Plan?

We will not confuse you with a complex pricing plan. Instead, we have prepared some efficient pricing plans that will suit every budget.

If you don’t believe us, you can try our 14 days free trial where you can access every Raspberry PI digital signage solution and then pay when you actually fall in love with us.

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The term digital signage is a multi-functional one. It can be defined as a centrally controlled, content distribution platform by which to playback digital content to one or many displays or screens. Digital signage screens are used for relaying information like live weather data, news, TV schedules and broadcasts, menus, flight departures/arrivals, etc.

Raspberry PI digital signage is a smart solution for creating a sign server for display boards, kiosks, or menus. Cloud Digital Signage designed for Raspberry Pi supports images, videos, custom apps, RTSP video streaming, etc.

All the steps mentioned above in detail will help you out step by step in setting up and using Raspberry Pi Digital Signage.