80 Mind-boggling Digital Signage Statistics, Facts, Trivia & Infographics

Digital signage statistics & trivia infographics


Did you know?

80% of the TV shows and movies watched on Netflix are discovered by users through the platform’s recommendation system? (Source)

Yes, Netflix uses ‘behavior intelligence’ to customize recommendations according to users’ interests.

Wondering why we are getting into Netflix and its strategy, whereas this blog has promised to present facts on digital signage?

That is because you can also tailor-make your digital signage strategy by studying your consumers and analyzing their behavior, likes & dislikes.

80 Mind-boggling Digital Signage Statistics

If you are blown away by this data, wait a minute!

A colossal wave of facts & figures is about to hit your screen.

Gear up for it.

And hey, we didn’t want to overwhelm you with a long, never-ending list. Hence, we have categorized the digital signage statistics based on industries and other parameters.


Education & digital signage

  1. The global digital signage market in the education field will likely grow at a CAGR of more than 10%.

  2. 73% of educational institutions consider digital signage as essential for communication in the coming years

  3. Digital signage gets 5X more attention from students than traditional methods of explanation and demonstration.

  4. 65% of students are visual learners who remember information by seeing it. So, digital signage comes as a great aid here for learning kids.

  5. 96% of students notice digital signage at once and can remember the same for a long time. It means making your students learn from digital screens will be more effective for both ends.

statistics on how the education industry is implementing digital signage and how learners are benefiting more from it

Digital signage in healthcare

  1. Expenses on digital solutions have already crossed $1.3 Trillion US dollars across the globe. And it is growing every year at a whopping rate of 10.4%.

  2. 39% of patients believe that digital communication greatly influences their experiences and decisions. And surprisingly, 26% are even willing to change their provider to avail of high-quality digital solutions.

  3. Before the pandemic hit, the telehealth adoption rates were on the edge of 11%, but that shot up to a shocking 36% by August of 2020.

  4. According to Deloitte’s study, almost 92% of healthcare professionals & institutes attained better performance using digital signage solutions.

  5. Doctors are now checking up on 50 – 175X more patients using telehealth than they did before 2020, the pandemic year.

So, if you haven’t yet started with digital signage for your healthcare center, begin today.

statistics on tele-health adoption rate and digital signage implementation rise in healthcare sector

Retail digital signage solutions

  1. 90% of buyers find videos played on a screen helpful in making their purchase decisions.

    So, if you already have digital screens in your store, don’t keep the content on it static. Play interesting video content and sell your brand more effectively.

  2. 76% of US consumers tend to enter a store for the first time simply because its digital signage appeals to them.

  3. 67% of consumers say they frequently buy products based on digital signage visuals.

  4. Retail stores have observed a 24% increase in footfall after implementing digital signage.

  5. Among brands that already used digital signage, 80% have noticed up to 33% increase in sales.

  6. Nearly 80% of millennials prefer purchasing from stores that have mobile customer service portals or interactive kiosks.

  7. Digital signage reduces perceived wait time by 35%, which in turn contributes to hassle-free queue management

So, as a retail store, if you are not yet exploring digital signage and its multifaceted benefits, you really need to rethink your marketing strategy.

Showing digital signage installation and deployment statistics based on consumer behavior and retail store sales increase

Digital signage in marketing & advertisement

  1. 91% of advertisers believe consumers expect personalized and engaging ads, which digital signage can easily offer.

  2. 52% of marketers worldwide say that digital solution is always their strategic focus when it comes to gaining profit.

  3. The percentage of companies investing in omnichannel experience has increased to more than 80% from 20% in the last few years. And digital signage indeed paves the way for achieving success with an omnichannel experience.

  4. 76% of companies invest in emerging technologies like interactive kiosks, touch screen wayfinding guides, IoT-based digital signage, etc.

  5. 86% of companies believe cloud technology is critical to digital transformation. So is cloud-based digital signs.

Therefore, it’s high time you revamp your advertising campaigns for better results.

Showing statistics on how global marketers and advertisers are increasingly investing in digital signage solutions

Manufacturing industry & digital signage

  1. A Mckinsey survey of manufacturing professionals found that 90% plan to invest in talent for digitization.

  2. 61% of manufacturers plan on implementing better systems integration followed by improved automating processes.

Digital signage combined with IoT devices can cater to these needs.

  1. 58% of manufacturing businesses plan to invest in improving customer engagement and experience, and digital signage plays a major role here.

  2. 85% of manufacturing companies accelerated their digital transformation programs in 2020.

Statistics on manufacturing industry's trend of implementing digital signage technology

Digital signage & entertainment

  1. According to a study from PWC, revenues for the global entertainment & media industry will reach up to 2.6 trillion by 2023 through digitization.

  2. The gaming world has witnessed substantial growth with over 1.6 billion video game purchases since the pandemic struck us. Youngsters are literally glued to screens!

And, did you know that all other industries are now including games in their digital signage solutions to offer better entertainment to their audience?

Time to redesign your digital signage content!

  1. 40% of millennials and Gen Z individuals are ready to pay extra to get personalized content.

  2. By 2023, the media industry marketers would allocate about 50% of their budgets to the digital advertising sectors, and digital signage is a major part of it.

So, if your viewers are ready to spend, why think twice before you invest?

Statistics show how digital signage implementation is helping the entertainment industry to grow rapidly

Fashion & digital signage

  1. Topshop witnessed up to 75% sales increase in online sales after running a marketing campaign on multiple digital billboards near its stores.

  2. Adshel and Neuro-Insight conducted the first neurological study to prove the effectiveness of relevant digital advertising. As a result, they discovered that it was up to 19% more effective than traditional ways.

  3. The average retail fashion consumers now regularly use up to 5 channels to purchase items, and digital signage is one of them.

So, sustaining in the fashion business will get easier if you incorporate digital signage right away.

Statistics on digital signage benefits observed in the fashion industry

Digital signage in restaurants

  1. 95% of restaurant owners admit that technology has improved their service quality.

  2. 79% of restaurant-goers say technology improves their dining experience

  3. Surprisingly, the digital menu boards used by QSRs account for up to 20% of the digital signage industry.

  4. In 2019, 51% of diners ordered directly from a restaurant’s website, 38% used an online ordering site, and 29% used an app. Today the percentage has soared higher, no doubt.

  5. According to a study, using digital menu boards can increase annual store sales by $16,000.

  6. 55% of consumers would prefer to stay at a hotel that offers self-check-in via digital kiosk signage.

  7. 30% of guests agree that digital menus or tariff cards directly influence their purchase decisions.

If you get to the bottom of these stats, you will realize how badly you need to deploy digital menu, QR code scans, and the likes via digital signage!

Statistical analysis of the sudden rise in digital signage adoption rate by restaurants and hotel businesses

Digital signage for banking & finance

  1. Studies show that when a branch features digital signage, 87% of customers consider that bank trustworthy.

  2. Surveys show that 87% of consumers (of which 97% are millennials), use mobile banking apps.

So, when introducing digital signage, keep displaying your bank’s mobile app and its functions in innovative ways. It will help you persuade those who haven’t yet gone digital with your bank.

  1. While waiting in a queue at a branch, customers tend to feel restless and perceive their waiting time to be much more than what it actually is. 60% of banks use digital signage as a remedy here. They keep displaying interesting content, 75% of which are bank-related updates and 25% of other news on the screens near queues to keep customers engaged.

  2. The worldwide digital payment economy will be worth USD 12.55 trillion by 2027. The market will grow at a CAGR of 10.9% between 2021-2027.

  3. 9 out of 10 banks admit that digital signage is significant for their in-branch marketing strategies.

Bank digital signage simplifies in-branch marketing efforts in many ways. Learn more from this blog.

Statistical analysis of bank digital signage and its effects on global financial market

Growth, employee engagement & business success

  1. 50% of business professionals consider digital signage an effective communication channel.

  2. 80% of businesses that have incorporated digital signage have recorded a substantial increase in sales.

  3. The digital signage market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.5% by 2028. It will reach USD 38.23 billion, as per the market analysis.

  4. Furthermore, highly engaged customers tend to purchase 90% more frequently and spend 60% more on each purchase (compared to the average customer).

  5. Employee engagement rises by 25% when digital signage is implemented. This caters for better productivity and increased profit.

And while talking about earning more profit, note this —

  1. 21% of employees become more productive when offered better employee engagement and internal communication via digital signage.

  2. Having a single on-premise digital signage adds 4.75% to annual sales revenue.

Why wait then? Embrace digital signage today to witness success tomorrow.

Statistics showing positive effects of digital signage on business growth, productivity, employee retention and revenue

DOOH & digital signage

  1. By 2026, the DOOH market will grow up to 10.35% and reach a market size of $33.372 billion.

  2. 62% of viewers are likely to engage in mobile device actions after seeing a roadside digital ad.

They tend to search for or visit the advertiser’s website, scan the QR code on that screen, use the SMS URL, download the app to access discounts and offers, or make a purchase.

  1. By 2023, 42.0% of all US outdoor ad expenses will turn to DOOH.

  2. Digital billboards are proving to be a perfect tool to share promotional messages since their unaided recall rate is at 47%, surpassing mobile at 35% and TV at 22%.

Statistics on DOOH market growth triggered by digital signage implementation

Digital signage & queue management

  1. 56% of consumers say fast payments and reduced wait-time is essential to influence their perception of a retail brand. Digital signage is the key to achieving that.

  2. 84% of grocery store shoppers agreed that digital screen content has made standing in a queue far less daunting.

  3. Shockingly, 66% of British consumers tend to abandon their purchases because of long queues. Only 22% return later to make the purchase.

    Why lose that much business? Implement digital signage and manage queues easily without losing any of your customers.

  4. Roughly 72% of customers surveyed have indicated that valuing the customer’s time is the most important aspect of any company.

Statistical analysis of consumer opinions & behavior that show how queue management is made easy with digital signage

QR codes on digital signage

  1. 46.81% of consumers agreed that QR codes make life easier.

  2. 38.99% of consumers want to see QR codes used more broadly in the future.

  3. Statista conducted a study in Canada in September 2016.

It was about the usage of scanned food QR codes among consumers. 57% of users had scanned a food QR Code to get specific information about the product. And 43% had scanned a food QR Code to visit the brand’s website.

  1. The number of US smartphone users scanning a QR code will increase from 83.4 million in 2022 to 99.5 million in 2025.

  2. Almost 57% of mobile users scanned a food QR code to get adequate information about the product

So, with QR code display on digital screens, you can bring in more business.

Statistical illustration of how consumers are inclined towards QR code scan on digital screens

Social media & digital signage

  1. Social media ad campaigns lead to a boost of 23% in metrics like brand awareness, emotional response, and brand consideration.

  2. After seeing social media posts with product info on the digital screens, 87% of consumers took a specific action, like following the brand, visiting its retail store, or making a purchase.

Use digital signage to create a social wall with your viewers and improve business outcomes.

  1. 65% of users visited a brand’s website or app after coming across a product or service on Instagram.

  2. 83% of teens state that social media makes them feel more connected and informed.

  3. The percentage of US adults with Instagram profiles has increased to 35%.So, digital signage solutions can approach the adults and elderly too.

So, displaying your social wall on digital signage, especially on interactive displays, will help you with better sales.

Statistics on consumers' approach towards digital signage displays with social media feeds

Fun facts on digital signage & interactive kiosks

  1. The brain can process images and videos 60,000 times faster than text.

    This makes visual effects like animation and motion graphics remarkably valuable for brand communication. Don’t you think?

  2. For 30% of U.S. consumers, customer service chatbots are efficient tools for resolving issues.

  3. People remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they do. So, show them more of what you’ve got!

  4. Almost 60% of U.S. food & beverage manufacturers use digital signage & IoT devices to track and trace ingredients.

  5. Digital signage, when used for safety guidelines, reduces workplace injury by 20%

  6. Social media videos (or videos from other sources) generate 1200% more shares than simple posts and images combined. Yes!

  7. Digital signage content impacts the buyers 2.5 times more than static signage displays.

  8. 59% of shoppers believe that brands must provide cutting-edge digital experiences to keep them engaged.

  9. 42% of shoppers have indicated that they would prefer to shop at a place with in-store video displays

Statistics based on digital signage industry facts and trivia

So, what’s your take on digital signage now? Don’t you think it’s worth a shot?

Go ahead and bring success to your business with the digital revolution.

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