Make the most of your restaurant's digital signage

Make the most of your restaurant's digital signage


Attract with dynamic digital menus

Tempt your customers with appetizing food images & videos. Schedule menus for special days or precise hours. Update item availability status in real-time.


Show real-time order status

Reduce wait-time frustration by showing order status and estimated service time on screens. Allow customers to track their order status on mobile phones as well.


Upsell with Interactive Digital Coupons

Create hype with limited deals. Show QR codes on your restaurant signage and let customers generate virtual coupons Set the discount parameters as per your wish.


Capitalize the Effects of Social Media

Stream live social feeds on your restaurant displays. Highlight influencer reviews, post engagements & funny banters. Create a social wall to blend multiple feeds.


Make the wait-time entertaining

While your customers wait, engage them with trending content like live news, sports matches, Youtube videos. Use the opportunity to market your products & offers.


Gather Customer Feedback

Become a brand that listens. Leverage the digital signage in your restaurants & QSRs to gather customer feedback. Deploy interactive feedback kiosks at exit gates.


Digital Menu Board Software- A Pickcel Solution for Those Who Want it Quick & Ready

From designing menus to publishing them on screen— take full control and manage everything from one place. Try out the Pickcel software for digital menu boards.

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All Creative Tools to Design your Menu

Our solutions make you self-reliant. Pickcel's software comes with a whole host of design tools that let you create stunning content for your restaurant digital signage & digital menu boards.



Create mesmerizing contents for your customers with the Pickcel integrated graphic design tool Canva. Get thousands of free templates!

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DS Menu

The DS Menu app lets you design professional digital menus for your restaurants. Pickcel customers get special discounts on DS menu subscriptions!

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Free Stock Images

Using the Pickcel software means access to unlimited royalty-free stock images from our software-integrated image reservoirs like Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexel.

Looking for Customizations? Let's Connect.

Derive the best results through API integrations with various restaurant systems (POS, billing, ordering, etc.)


Customer Success Story: HungerBox

How this food vendor aggregator is streamlining the order queue management at corporate restaurants with Pickcel's digital signage software

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60+ Digital Signage Content Apps for Restaurants, Diners & QSRs

All Pickcel apps come free with the Pickcel digital signage software. Try our software to unlock 80+ apps that make communication for your business easier!

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Why Pickcel digital signage software for your restaurant business?



With our cloud-based software, control your restaurant's digital signage displays remotely (we also have a mobile app!) Scale up or down in an instant.



Forget worrying about software compatibility. The Pickcel digital signage software supports all standard player devices and operating systems like Android, Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc.

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Display run-time statistics

Advanced reporting features allow you to monitor screen uptime or downtime and keep a track of your content playback.


Holistic solution

Not just digital menu boards, Pickcel's software is a one-stop destination for all your restaurant digital signage needs such as digital menu board, queue management, kiosk solutions and much more!

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Frequently asked question

A digital menu board is the electronic display of your menu that replaces traditional signs and posters. A digital menu gives you a better opportunity to draw customers' attention through video, graphics, and animations. Generally, digital menu boards for restaurants are made by mounting LCD or LED screens to the wall. These screens are controlled by digital menu board software to display various food menu items, promotional offers, recipes, and cuisine information, and engage and entertain customers in your restaurant while they wait.

Some of the major advantages are:

  • Time-efficient: With digital menu board software, you can quickly change the order, pricing, and promotional offers. If you have more than one menu board display or restaurants at multiple locations, you can update your menus across all locations within a second.
  • Long Term Cost Saving: Print signs require re-printing, shipping, posting, and disposal each time during a change. While there may be a higher up-front cost to purchasing a digital signage software, in the long run, it saves you a lot of unnecessary, recurrent investments.
  • Maintain Brand Consistency – If you have a chain of restaurants at multiple locations, using a software will ensure that all the restaurants are up to date and present a consistent, high-quality appearance across all your digital signage.

While digital menu boards make your communication with the customers easier, it also enhances the appearance of your restaurants and makes things easier for staff as well as customers.

The Pickcel digital signage software can benefit food service businesses like Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), cafes, casual restaurants, fine dining restaurants, food trucks, organization canteens, bars & pubs and especially restaurant chains and franchises.

The price of a digital signage software license largely depends on your requirement and the type of solution you are choosing. Pickcel offers both cloud-based and on-premise digital signage solutions. We follow a subscription model as it offers greater flexibility to the users. Visit our pricing page for more details. You can also reach out to us at +91-9740997922 or through email -