Key features

This is what makes all the difference!

Features to manage small to large scale signage network of thousands of screens (or more!) with equal ease.

  • Real time monitoring of device status on various parameters such as Network status, content sync status.
  • Ability to troubleshoot remotely such as restarting of devices, reload content, cache clear, data clear, capturing screenshot, etc.
  • Tags for each device for easy identification and filtering
  • Grouping of devices for distributed management of screens
  • Custom parameters for advanced features like automated content distribution (Enterprise feature)
  • Associate default content for screens to ensure that screen never goes blank
  • Fast and easy roll-out process to deploy a large number of screens
  • Manage screens on the go with Pickcel Go Mobile app.

Pickcel digital signage software enables content managers and creative designers the flexibility to use different types and formats of media files.

  • Provision to upload single or multiple image or videos
  • Supported image formats - JPEG, GIF and PNG (with transparency)
  • Supported video formats - MP4, AVI, MKV
  • Appropriate transcoding and standardization of media file formats to ensure compatibility with different types of hardware.
  • Supports 4K resolution and videos of any aspect ratio including landscape and portrait.
  • Access to free media repositories (Pexel, Pixabay and Unsplash) and graphic design tools like Canva.

Choosing a digital signage software with flexible layout designer is essential for optimizing the use of screen space and displaying multiple relevant contents simultaneously

  • Design screen layout or choose from the standard template
  • Editor to create any number of zone/partitions within the display area
  • Support any display size and display orientation like portrait or landscape
  • Easy options to create playlist/composition as per the layout. It is just drag and drop!
  • Supports image, video and contents from Pickcel App Store to be played in any zone within the composition layout
  • Flexible with all standard formats of images & videos. Real-time live content (like social media feed, news, weather, etc.) is also supported via Pickcel apps/URLs. Explore Pickcel App Store

Scheduling module of Pickcel Digital Signage software facilitates customers to schedule content for varied simple to complex situations.

  • Calendar view with better and clear visibility for schedule management
  • Pyramidal scheduling options: Daily, Weekly & Monthly.
  • Options to set your default schedule, when no contents are scheduled on the display
  • Flexibility of editing scheduled contents (such as insertion/deletion/date & time changes).
  • Digital signage scheduling software provides an option to play urgent messages in real-time which overrides the existing schedule

Keeping the contents of your digital signage up-to-date, relevant and aesthetic can be a tough challenge. To meet this challenge, Pickcel's app store offers 100+ apps to drive fresh content on your digital signage displays.

  • Get real-time, relevant and informative content with Pickcel digital signage apps.
  • Digital signage apps range from news feeds, social feeds, presentation, weather, communication, collaboration, dashboard etc
  • Specific apps are accessible in multiple languages; several regional apps are also included.
  • Customization service available to create specific app to pull data from any system supporting REST API or available as RSS Feed

Accurate reporting plays a pivotal role in establishing trust and transparency of digital signage network. Reporting requirement varies from industry to industry. Pickcel provides various reports to cater to all primary requirements. These includes -

  • Screen uptime reports - This report provides individual and total screen uptime in minutes.
  • Proof of Play - Report of screen wise media play duration and total impression (played how many times).
  • All reports available in daily and monthly format.
  • All reports downloadable in csv/excel format.
  • Reports can be customized for large screen network
  • Reports can be sent to pre-configured email id for enterprise customers.

The management of large digital signage networks requires a well-defined set of responsibilities, roles, grouping of screens, and user access. Pickcel's digital signage software allows the administrator to define groups, assign specific roles and users.

  • Groups - Groups are logical binding of displays and users.Users associated with particular group will be able to manage screens associated with that particular group only.
  • Roles - Administrator can define roles for specific function and the role definition can be at the level of view, add, update, delete for each module.
  • User - Administrator can add his team members with appropriate roles and groups as per need.

Pickcel digital signage software is designed and developed keeping security as one of the primary foundations.

Infrastructure security

  • Pickcel application along with data is hosted at leading cloud provider with adherence to standard data security practices.
  • Standard security practices such as segregation between web layer, app layer and DB layers through access control and firewall.
  • Communication to and from Pickcel App is restricted only to Pickcel manager through a secured channel.

Application security

  • All communication to Pickcel cloud from client or web management console is secured through SSL/https.
  • Segregation of data between customers
  • Each customer/user will have unique credentials to login and manage their screen and content.
  • Provision for customer console admin to create multiple groups, roles and rights with restricted access

What Sets Us Apart!

Here's why some of the top brands use Pickcel

Integration and custom work flow

We support various forms of integration with external data sources for customer engagement, automation, and custom business flow. Such integrations are done on a need basis as customization projects.

  • Show real-time GPS data - We have integrated with global AVLS vendors and service providers to show Transport data (Estimated arrival and departure time) in real time on the Public Information system.Check out the case study on "NEC India"
  • Show real-time discounts and offers - Pickcel supported Global e-Commerce companies for the display of discounts and offers at assisted buying counters. Check out our case studies "How Pickcel digital signage software is helping Amazon to broadcast real-time offers in retails stores."
  • Integration with BI data sources - BI sources like google data studio, Zoho reports, Power BI, tableau etc can be integrated with Pickcel digital signage to show realtime dashboard on the digital signage displays.
  • Integration and automation - Get realtime data on your digital signage displays by integrating Google sheet , GMAIL, Zapier, SMS, Rest API, GraphQL API etc.

Vendor and Hardware agnostic Digital signage player software

The open signage player software of Pickcel allows customers to choose signage player device, screen and operating system as per requirement based on performance and cost.

  • Supports variety of operating system including Android, Windows, Linux and ChromeOS
  • Supports various digital signage hardware and digital signage players like Google Chromebit, Amazon Firestick, Raspberry Pi, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS and any other standard Android media players.
  • Supports Android TVs like Viewsonic, Philips, Kodak, Sony etc.
  • Different types of digital signage players can co-exist in the same digital signage network deployment without any limitations.

Interactive signage - beyond visual engagement

Digital signage displays can no more remain as dumb screens displaying only visual content. Digital signage software designed for functional interaction with the customers provide a whole new level of engagement.

Interactive digital signage - the future of digital signage has various form of interaction depending on industry needs and use cases.

Touch Interaction -

Pickcel supports touch-based interaction. Kiosks and other digital signage displays can be configured to-

  • Bring out specific applications/forms/interactive informative screens on touch
  • Play scheduled signage contents during idle time.

Touch less Interaction -

Pickcel brings in innovative QR code based functional applications for different use cases. Few of our touch less premium applications -


Cloud infrastructure with fast content distribution

Build and manage your signage screen network from anywhere without worrying about IT Infrastructure.

Why choose cloud-based digital signage?

  • Go live with Pickcel cloud in minutes
  • We do the heavy lifting on your behalf and manage complete back end infrastructure and ensure uptime of the signage network.
  • Standardization and appropriate sizing of media files for efficient distribution and rendering on screen4.
  • Distribute content faster, across geography using Pickcel-AWS powered content distribution network.
  • Ease of Scalability - We ensure that the infrastructure is adequately scaled automatically to take care of your need.
  • We ensure uptime of the signage network back end 24/7.

On-Premise Digital Signage Solution

Pickcel digital signage can also be deployed at your datacenter or private cloud. To know more about it contact us.

Pickcel Go Mobile app

Allows you to manage and monitor your digital signage network from mobile on the go.

Impressive Apps & Widgets to Keep Your Digital Signage Up-to-date

Get real-time, relevant, informative and beautiful contents with Pickcel digital signage Apps.

  • cnn
  • instagram
  • facebook
  • youtube
  • twitter
  • weather
  • slack
  • bbc
  • canva
  • clock
  • ndtv
  • rss

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Digital Signage Software can be used by various types of businesses including retailers, corporate houses, hospitals, clinics, and health care centers, and hospitality industries to publicly display content and messages on the digital signage displays. Additionally, the digital signage software can also be used by education, banking, and financial institutions, manufacturing units, and, transportations services to advertise, engage, and entertain customers. There are immense possibilities of using advertising screen software for various purposes including digital out-of-home advertising, or DOOH, community information, traffic updates, environment safety updates, and city wayfinding maps for smart cities.

Effective communication is one of the primary benefits of digital signage. Digital billboards software allows businesses to manage digital signage systems and communicate directly with their target audiences. They can showcase their products or services on eye-catching displays. Contents displayed on the attention-grabbing digital displays can influence customers’ behavior and boost sales for increasing profit.

Another benefit of digital signage software is that it allows businesses to convey important messages, special offers, and promotions during the critical moment when customers are contemplating making a purchase. Beautiful and pleasing visuals with appealing texts can have a soothing effect on visitors. Therefore, digital signage software is a powerful visual communication tool to attract and engage audiences.

Pickcel digital signage software offers additional benefits that include user management, group management, and tag management. The user management feature helps manage users, assign roles, and displays within an organization. With the group management feature, users can add display groups, and assign it among themselves to manage signage content. The benefit of the tag management feature is that it provides a fluid tagging mechanism to categorize, search, and schedule content. Besides branding and marketing campaigns, digital signage displays can also be used for serving useful information, news updates, and entertainment.

No, We have 14 days free trial period with complete features. Post 14 days you will have to upgrade to paid plan. to continue using the software.

The purpose of digital signage software is to enhance customer experience through engaging content like video, graphics, and texts. Digital signage helps businesses with internal communications with employees as well as external communications with customers. It is a centrally controlled platform for content distribution. With digital signage display software, users can playback digital content like advertisements, live news, menus, flight schedules, train schedules, and many more on one or many screens.

Reliable software for digital signage must have advanced features like display management, play in sync, advertisement scheduler, and cross-platform support to help conduct cost-effective marketing campaigns successfully. Pickcel digital signage supports the display of any size and offers these key features.

  • Supports multiple video formats like mp4, AVI, MKV
  • Supports multiple image formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG
  • Specific Pickcel digital signage apps available in multiple languages
  • Editor to design screen layout or choose from the standard template
  • Supports various signage player hardware OS including Android, Chrome OS, Linux, Windows, LG webOS, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Tizen
  • Calendar view for better visibility of schedules
  • Option for scheduling daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Pickcel digital signage app for real-time news feeds, social feeds, communication, and collaboration.
  • Supports 4K resolution

In addition to this, Pickcel digital signage software has an auto-start feature. Just power on the signage device and start displaying content. Our digital signage systems can be customized and also features API integration. Users can generate customized reports such as display uptime, number of times, and duration of a played content and other matrices for business requirements. The signage device also works in absence of internet connectivity and plays stored content in offline mode.