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How Can Digital Bulletin Board Enhance Internal Communication

Let’s start with a fun fact:

Nobody ever gets rid of the old notes on a bulletin board!

Now, let’s ask ourselves a question:

How many times do we stop to read the information and announcements displayed on a bulletin board any time we walk past them?

The answer will be ‘very few.’ Be it in the classrooms of a college or corporate corridors, the bright and fancy leaflets seldom serve their purpose: communication. After all, who has the sharp eyes to figure out a new bulletin posted on top of a jumble of old posters, notices, pamphlets, and flyers.

The digital bulletin board system has an upper hand over its traditional version because it never loses the information.

percentage representation of visual learners Source: Visual Teaching Alliance

So, what is a Digital Bulletin Board?

Digital Bulletin Board uses digital signage displays (like LED screens or TV monitors) and digital signage software instead of the traditional cork board, pins, and papers to communicate and spread information.

Unlike the conventional and messy pin boards,the information is orderly disseminated on digital screens with the help of a digital bulletin board software.

digital signage displaying bulletin board information

…And what are its advantages over pin-boards?

  • Dynamic content:

    Paper is a static medium. It cannot display moving contents like videos, audio, and GIFs. But, a digital screen can play dynamic content.

    According to a Hubspot survey, 54% of consumers expect video content from their preferred brands.

    Therefore, Dynamic contents are visually attractive and provide a greater scope of interaction. It means you can quickly grab the reader’s attention through these moving digital bulletin board templates, and your purpose of transferring information will get fulfilled.

  • Publish In real-time:

    Contents for a digital bulletin board can be drafted, uploaded, updated, removed, and changed in a matter of seconds.

    It saves a whole lot of time and effort needed for printing. Moreover, the content can get changed within seconds in case of any mistake. That is something which is not possible with the cork bulletin boards.

  • Display Multiple Contents Without Overlap:

    Unlike traditional bulletin boards with overlapping layers of pamphlets and flyers, digital bulletin board software can play multiple contents in a loop, in a controlled manner.

    It gives the audience a more personalized experience. Plus, the information does not get lost under one another. A reader can easily spot the relevant content conveniently here.

  • Environment-friendly:

    According to a report, 25% of landfill waste comes from discarded paper. Another study shows that switching to a digital alternative can save about 728,000 trees!

    Handbills and pamphlets serve their purpose only for a limited time. After that, it all ends up inside the trash cans. With the world becoming more and more concerned over environmental pollution, the onus of preventing our nature from further damage lies on all of our consciences.

    Going forward with a digital solution is therefore not only preferable, but a much needed change.

  • Cost-effective:

    The digital bulletin board is not only beneficial for the environment, but it is also helpful for you. It requires no expensive hardware. Moreover, buying the hardware and software for digital bulletin boards is just a one-time investment. Most of the good quality digital signage hardware are known to have steep longevity.

    On top of that, switching to a digital bulletin board saves you the recurring cost of printing that comes with every new announcement.

  • No Missing Information:

    The pamphlets on the pin bulletin boards get secured with thumb pins or other similar objects. In case you fail to put up the paper correctly, it will fly away, and no benefit will be obtained through it.

    Similarly, the document can get lost if someone snatches it from the board. Here, your efforts, money, and purpose will all get wasted. But the problem can be solved with digital bulletin boards. No information can fly away from it. So you need not worry about anything, and you can conveniently upload all the announcements.

What Can You Display on Digital Bulletin Boards?

There are a variety of use cases for a digital bulletin board. Based on the industry, you can use digital bulletin boards for sharing any information, updates, notices, news and welcoming new employees, customers, and visitors at your company or organization. When it comes to what you can display on a digital bulletin board, the options are many.

  1. Internal Bulletin and Updates

    Digital bulletin boards for offices are ideal for integrating company communications, whether for employees or customers. From sales goals to HR notifications, product updates for customers, company news, employee recognition, and more, everything can be integrated into a digital bulletin board.

  2. YouTube and Videos

    Stream YouTube playlist or videos, or incorporate videos about your organization, stream the YouTube channel of your company, training clips, product use cases, how-to videos, etc. The options are vast, and the best part is that you can always update the bulletin within a matter of minutes.

  3. Event Listings and Schedules

    Digital bulletin boards for schools and offices can be used to display daily schedules, full calendars, and meeting listings. Schools and other educational institutions looking to automate the process of displaying aspects like a day’s schedule of students, teachers, upcoming cultural events, etc. can use digital bulletin boards.

    Moreover, offices and other commercial spaces can use digital bulletin boards for displaying upcoming delivery dates, upcoming events, schedules for meetings, etc. This not only streamlines the process of displaying your events but also ensures that the information is updated promptly.

    Organizations and institutions can integrate Google Calendar, Office 365, or Exchange Calendar with the digital bulletin board to update events in real-time.

  4. Weather and Traffic Reports

    Digital bulletin boards are also ideal for displaying local weather information. You can incorporate weather reports into the digital bulletin board content. Or, you can screen an all-day weather forecast that updates as the weather changes. Many organizations also use bulletin boards to display real-time traffic updates of their cities.

  5. Scrolling Tickers and News

    You can also add news headlines and other notifications to a digital bulletin board. A scrolling ticker is an ideal way to display such details as it not only adds a subtle motion to the content but also grabs the attention of the prospects.

  6. Slideshows

    Last but not least, many organizations and businesses use slideshows to display meaningful information. From PowerPoint slides to videos, PNGS, JPG, PDFs, and JPEGs, you can display any format of your choice to the bulletin board. The best part is that apart from media files, you can also insert live web URLs that rotate through the metric dashboard and Google Slides.

If you are still with us, we can guess that you already agree: The benefits of the digital bulletin board system are aplenty!

So now, let’s see some use cases of digital bulletin board software to give you some brilliant industry-specific digital bulletin board ideas. With this, you will be able to see how the digital bulletin boards can fit into your purpose, irrespective of the industry you work in.

Digital Bulletin Board Software for Education

The school and college-going generation is the most multitasking population. Between endless classes, library hours, and a host of extracurricular activities; announcements made on tiny flyers pinned to a corkboard get frequently overlooked. This dissolves the entire purpose of putting up the information in the first place. The only solution here is a digital bulletin board.

According to research conducted by William C. Bradford, roughly 65% of people are visual learners. As a result, most students tend to absorb and retain information more when it is communicated visually. That is why in the education sector, digital signage solutions have better effects in terms of catching attention as compared to the conventional bulletin boards.

Digital bulletin boards can play dynamic contents like changing images, videos and other forms of graphics. It has higher interactivity and also a ‘fun element’ that seems to resonate effectively among the youth and millennial masses. Plus, the information and messages get successfully conveyed.

A few digital bulletin board ideas for schools, college, and universities include:

  • Real-time update on change in class schedules, event cancellation, etc.
  • A last-minute reminder of project deadlines
  • Playing engaging videos of fire safety mock drills, safety guidelines, best hygiene practices from time to time
  • Display of digital citizenship best practices and digital safety guidelines
  • Conducting digital design contests to boost student interaction and participation
  • Display a map or a guide through the campus
  • A simple ‘Congratulations!’ message to the winning sports team or a ‘Best of luck’ before the examination or a warm ‘Happy Holidays’ wish can make all the difference.

All in all, we can say that digital bulletin board software will help the students in receiving all the necessary information without much hassle.

Digital Bulletin Board Software for Office

Another domain that can benefit from the digital bulletin boards is the offices and corporations. According to TechSmith, visual communication has a higher positive impact on employee performance than a textual medium. Therefore, digital bulletin board has the potential to bring remarkable reforms in corporate communication.

People can easily convey their messages or make announcements without the hassle of designing and printing flyers. Moreover, the information will get delivered in a more exciting way. As employees are already busy with their schedules, both of these points will prove to be extremely beneficial for them.

Comparison graphical representation of visual communication vs text alone

A few digital bulletin board ideas for internal office communication

  • Display company mission and vision statements, workplace codes of conduct, best practices, news and weather, relevant social media posts, departments and employee details, project deadlines, upcoming holidays, employee birthdays, etc.

  • Real-time announcement of updates on upcoming meeting schedules, audit visits, client visits, running projects, issuance of tenders, etc.

  • With the advantage of mobile integration, employees can scan a QR code and download manuals, submit feedback, suggestions, and minutes of meetings directly from the digital bulletin boards into their smartphones.

The list of applications does not end here because there can be several other announcements and information deliveries that can get done with the help of these boards.

Digital Bulletin Board Software for Other Sectors

Aside from internal communication, digital notice boards also play an important role in external communication as well as the development of brand value in many sectors. As it is a dynamic content delivery medium, it can easily attract more audiences towards the boards as compared to conventional flyers and pamphlets.

A few digital bulletin board ideas for different sectors

  • Fitness training institutes can display a wide range of personalized diet plans (for example, based on categories like body weight, selected training program, etc.).

  • Retail stores can display out-of-stock item lists, feedbacks, closing time countdowns, or special notices like ‘The Shop Will Remain Closed till Monday for Maintenance’.

  • For churches, digital bulletin boards can display church visiting hours, prayer hymns, texts from The Bible, life lessons, upcoming event updates, etc.

  • The hospitality sector can use digital bulletin boards to play ‘Welcome’ videos featuring various amenities, layouts of the hotels or, to announce the name of a musical band playing later in the day.

  • For households, digital notice boards can help to plan out the weekly and monthly schedule in advance, remind specific tasks, display shopping lists, etc.

A digital bulletin board software can help you if you want to deliver specific information to a set of people publicly. While making your task much more convenient, the board will also grab better attention. It means your purpose will get solved more efficiently. This results in effective communication.

Learn how to effortlessly create a ‘digital announcement’ for your organization with Pickcel’s ‘Notice Board’ App. Click here to view the step-by-step tutorial with images.


Nowadays, with people always hooked into their smartphones, tablets, and laptops, it is becoming more challenging to attract attention with just bright colors and highlighted texts. Plus, no one is interested in looking at a piece of paper that may or may not hold anything relevant for them. That is why digital bulletin board software for education, office, and other purposes is a must for everyone.

In this age, only a better technology can divert our attention from another technological device. So these boards will prove to be extremely beneficial for delivering your message to the desired group of people. That is why you must move to digital bulletin boards if you wish your content to be seen by everyone it is meant for!


1. How much will the best digital signage system cost?

The price of digital bulletin boards varies considerably and depends on your goals and requirements. Digital signage system providers offer flexibility for one screen or many screens, multi-user control or single-user control, and highly-targeted or universal content. Apart from the type you are going with, the digital signage board’s price also varies by subscription term.

2. Can I use my own screen, or must I use the screens provided by service providers?

You are free to install and use your own screen as long as they match your display needs. Else, the service provider will provide you with commercial-grade monitors that are designed to perform 24/7 in all environments. The display property of the screen is what matters. The content should be clear from a particular distance. So, special considerations need to be given when choosing a display screen.

3. What resolution, size, and grade should the monitors be?

The size of the monitor will depend on the location of the screen and the environment. Essentially, you are advised to go with commercial-grade screens that are designed to perform 24/7 always-on environments. Most importantly, the monitors must support a minimum of 16:9 aspect ratio. Consult a professional to determine the perfect solution for your needs and get the best digital bulletin board.