8 mall signage content ideas to suit the taste of modern audience

Flash sale offer of 50% discount shown on a shopping mall digital signage


Which shopping mall is your favorite? Do you visit the mall often, maybe on the weekends? What takes you there?

Is it the retail stores, or the variety of cuisines at the food court? Or is it the ambiance and ease of navigation the mall offers?

Perhaps you got carried away by the fast-moving, appealing mall signage content or the digital screens at store windows, walls, and entry gates.

The chances are that you love a blend of it all.

Truth is, all the branding and marketing strategies have been working great for shopping malls until a whole new generation started hopping in— a generation that has been born with a digital outlook on the world. For them, it must be digital, or it isn’t worth it.

To offer this generation engagement and entertainment, shopping malls are constantly striving to ideate new way-outs. Mall signage transformation is hence on high priority. The only motto of shopping malls now is to create a perfect combination of the conventional and digital mall signage and offer an immersive experience to the shoppers.

As the malls now have to focus on improving the shopping experience beyond the usual benchmark, they are turning more towards technology and digitization. But, they still must stick to the traditional ways too.

A mix of both can create an ideal atmosphere that will compel shoppers to get in. What strategy can persuade them to keep coming back? Let’s find out.

8 shopping mall signage ideas to build more engagement

This blog can end the struggle of experimenting with visual merchandising strategies to enhance customer experience. Here we present the best content and audience-engagement ideas for your mall signage.

1. Social wall

Social media feeds shown as a collage on a digital signage screen of a mall store

One of the best ways to engage shoppers at a mall is by leveraging social media. You can display your social media feeds on digital mall signage. A social wall is a fantastic tool as it allows you to create a collage of custom feeds from various social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can launch a hashtag campaign and prompt the mall-goers to take part in various photo challenges, contests and engage with your business. Once people start sharing their photos with you on social media, you have the advantage of repurposing the user-generated content to drive more engagement like an entertainment recycling.

Social walls on the digital mall signage make shoppers remember you more. Retailtainment is increasingly becoming a consumer magnet and what better retailtainment than social media!

Deploying a social wall also means improved online footprint count ensuring more feedback.

2. Mall wayfinding signage

A consumer looking at a digital wayfinding kiosk inside a shopping mall

Shopping mall alleys can seem like a maze to many, especially elderly customers. It’s difficult for the grandpa to recall the coffee shop location after spending some time at the retail store and filling his bag with his favorite items.

Wayfinding digital signage often assist at these confusing moments.

Touchscreen wayfinding mall signs can be more helpful for tech-loving consumers. They can click on the location they are headed to and find a perfect direction. They can further interact with the touchscreen kiosk and quickly explore other mall services.

You can also use other types of signs like the static flex-board map or shape signs. Although these traditional signs have their limitations and their use is nowadays mostly restricted to direction-giving, like the image below.

Traditional shopping mall signage used for showing direction to cafe and shop

3. Infotainment

Offer your audience information packed with entertainment. What if your mall had digital signs that allowed everyone to play some games for free? Youngsters today visit the malls to catch up with friends or just window-shop. To them, playing crossword puzzles, Sudoku, car race, or fighting games free on an interactive mall signage means unforgettable experience. Here’s an example of making the most out of digital signage infotainment at the Westgate shopping mall. Have a look.

Malls are known to play cool ambient music from time to time. You can keep a karaoke or music player running with your information signage.

There are hundreds of different infotainment content to show on digital mall signs. Such as Youtube videos, funny quotes, jokes, sports news and trivia to make everyone from the history nerd to the popular football champion love spending their time at your shopping mall.

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4. Reviews

Share the reviews you get on your Google My Business profile on your mall signage screens. It will help you authenticate the supremacy of your mall’s retail experience.

You must reply to the reviews, showcase the chats over the review panel, highlight the number of people agreeing with one positive feedback, and make your goodwill spread.

Don’t just share the positive comments. Show the complaints and negative remarks too. Show how the mall authority has replied to those comments and handled the matter with care and sincerity.

It has a tremendously favorable impact on your business and helps in building trust.

5. Safety guidelines

Social distancing message shown on mall digital signage to remind people of their safety

Keeping the mall visitors safe and sound is your duty. If a store or part of it is under construction, consumers can get injured due to sudden movements. If you can caution them early, they can avoid the area altogether.

You can also share health guidelines (eg. Covid rules), urgent notices and make any announcement on your digital mall signage.

Some emergencies can’t wait for anything. With just one click, a mall signage software can update emergency alerts across all the screens in your shopping mall. Predefined templates can show people safety exits, places to avoid, dos & don’ts during any critical situation.

Integrations between your digital display software and CAP systems or other online public-safety servers can automatically send rescue calls to rescue squads, firefighters, or police.

No static signboard can ever do that!

6. Live feeds

Live updates on weather, live traffic maps, AQI, and more can be displayed on digital mall signage. It adds to the variety of content and keeps the audience engaged.

While shopping, people tend to lose track of time. The live weather updates or traffic information can help them recall a serious business and reach on time, thanks to digital signage.

You can also live stream popular sports events or concerts on giant mall screens and video walls. This is a common strategy many shopping malls use to draw in crowds. Sports fans might simply step into your shopping mall to enjoy live matches with a bunch of sports buffs. And before you know, they are grabbing a pizza from your food court or picking up a yoga mat from the gym store.

7. Website

You indeed have a website. Show the web pages with great visuals and relatable information like the landing pages, product pages, service details pages, and many more on digital screens.

In fact, you can save time on creating new content and run any online page on the screens by adding the URL of that page to a dedicated app that usually you get along with your digital signage software.

It promisingly expands the scope for engagement and cancels out the monotony of similar types of content.

Show web pages as digital content on your mall signage with the Pickcel URL App

8. Images and videos

Do you have an image gallery to show and feel proud of? Have you got some cheerful snaps from last month’s event? Did you record videos of retail outlet renovations? Showcase them all on your mall signage.

Play the images and videos simultaneously in a two-zone screen layout if it’s a digital screen. Want to print and pin the photos to static mall signage or board? Go ahead and share your proud moments with your audience whichever way you like.

Parting words

The list can go on and on with hundreds of other mall signage content ideas. But we have tried not to overwhelm you. And we believe more options make it challenging to choose the best few among them. Moreover, not many shopping malls use all of these contents on their signage. And that’s why they are yet to explore the optimum benefits.

Let’s begin implementing the above mall signage ideas and witness a striking change (a positive one) in your business. Get more crowds on the floors and gradually receive better feedback once you deploy these mall signage contents.

All the best!

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