8 Shopping mall digital signage content ideas to suit the taste of modern audience

Flash sale offer of 50% discount shown on a shopping mall digital signage


Which shopping mall is your favorite? Do you visit the mall often, maybe on the weekends? What takes you there?

Is it the retail stores or the cuisines at the food court? Or is it the ambiance and ease of navigation the mall offers?

Perhaps you got carried away by the fast-moving, appealing retail digital signage, digital social media walls, and interactive e-entry passes!

The chances are that you love a blend of it all.

All the branding and marketing strategies have been working great for shopping malls until a whole new generation started hopping in— a generation that has been born with a digital outlook on the world. For them, it must be digital, or it isn’t worth it.

Shopping malls constantly strive to ideate new way-outs to offer this generation engagement and entertainment. Digital signage transformation is hence on priority. The only motto of shopping centers now is to create a perfect combination of conventional and digital and offer an immersive experience to shoppers.

As the focus shifts to improving the shopping experience beyond the usual benchmark, they are turning more toward technology and digitization. But, shopping malls still must stick to the traditional ways too. A mix of both can create an ideal atmosphere that will compel shoppers to get in. What strategy can persuade them to keep coming back? Let’s find out.

8 shopping mall signage ideas to build more engagement

This blog can end the struggle of experimenting with visual merchandising strategies and utilize the benefits of digital signage. Here we present the best content and audience engagement to enhance customer experience!

1. Social wall

Social media feeds shown as a collage on a digital signage screen of a mall store

One of the best ways to engage shoppers at a mall is by leveraging social media. You can create social walls and display posts from all platforms on signage screens in one go! A social wall is a fantastic tool as it allows you to create a collage of custom feeds from various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can launch a hashtag campaign and prompt the mall-goers to part-take in various photo challenges, contests and engage with your business. Once people start sharing their photos on social media, leverage [user-generated content](https://www.pickcel.com/blog how-to-leverage-user-generated-content-for-retail-marketing/)

2. Mall wayfinding signage

A consumer looking at a digital wayfinding kiosk inside a shopping mall

Investing in clear and concise signage helps alleviate confusion and improve wayfinding in retail space.

Shopping mall alleys can seem like a maze to many, especially elderly customers. It’s difficult for the grandpa to recall the coffee shop location after spending time at the retail store and filling his bag with his favorite items.

Wayfinding digital signage often assists at these confusing moments.

Touchscreen wayfinding mall signs can be more helpful for tech-loving consumers. They can click on the location they are headed to and find a perfect direction. They can further interact with the touchscreen kiosk and explore other mall services.

You can also use signs like the static flex-board map or shape signs. Although these traditional signs are in limited use and nowadays mostly restricted to direction-giving, like the image below.

Traditional shopping mall signage used for showing direction to cafe and shop

3. Infotainment

Offer your audience information packed with entertainment. What if your mall had digital signs for playing some free games? Youngsters today visit the malls to catch up with friends or just window-shop. To them, playing crossword puzzles, Sudoku, car races, or fighting games on an interactive mall digital signage means an unforgettable experience. Here’s an example of making the most of digital signage infotainment at the Westgate shopping mall. Have a look.

Malls are known to play ambient music from time to time. You can keep a karaoke or music player running with your information signage.

There are hundreds of different infotainment content to show on electronic displays. Such as Youtube videos, funny quotes, jokes, sports news, and trivia to make everyone from the history nerd to the football champion love spending their time at your shopping mall.

The Pickcel digital signage software is loaded with exciting content apps!

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4. Reviews

Leverage the power of transformative signage to amplify the credibility of your retail experience by sharing reviews from your Google My Business profile.

Ensure to respond to the reviews, displaying the conversations within the review panel and highlighting the collective agreement on positive feedback. By showcasing both positive and negative comments, along with the mall authority’s attentive and sincere responses, you can effectively demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction.

This practice yields significant favorable impacts on your business, enhancing your overall reputation and goodwill.

5. Safety guidelines

Social distancing message shown on mall digital signage to remind people of their safety

Ensuring the safety of mall visitors is a paramount responsibility. Construction zones pose potential risks, and timely caution can prevent injuries. Alerting consumers in advance through digital bulletin boards placed throughout the mall can help avoid those areas altogether. These signage displays can help share crucial health guidelines, such as Covid-19 regulations and facilitate urgent notices and announcements.

During emergencies, time is of the essence. With a simple click, the digital signage software can swiftly update emergency alerts on all screens throughout the shopping centers. Predefined templates provide essential information, including safety exits, restricted areas, and guidelines for critical situations. Integrations with CAP systems and other online public-safety servers allow for automated rescue calls to emergency services like rescue squads, firefighters, or the police.

The dynamic capabilities of digital signs surpass those of static signboards, making them an indispensable tool for ensuring the safety and well-being of visitors.

6. Live feeds

live stream popular sports events or concerts

Utilize the power of digital signage screens to showcase live weather updates, traffic maps, Air Quality Index (AQI), and more! This diverse range of custom content ensures audience engagement and adds an element of interest.

Furthermore, giant mall screens and video walls offer the opportunity to live stream popular sports events or concerts. This proven strategy effectively attracts crowds to shopping malls. Sports enthusiasts may step into your mall to enjoy live matches alongside fellow fans, leading them to discover other offerings, such as grabbing a delicious pizza from the food court or purchasing a yoga mat from the gym store. Before you know it, they have become engaged customers in various aspects of your mall.

7. Website

Make the most of your website by displaying visually appealing and relevant web pages on digital screens. Showcase landing pages, product details, service information, and more to captivate your audience.

Save time and effort by leveraging the capability to run any online page directly on your digital screens. Simply add the URL of the desired page to a dedicated app that comes with your digital signage software. This approach significantly broadens the opportunities for engagement and eliminates the potential monotony associated with repetitive content.

Show web pages as digital content on your mall signage with the Pickcel URL App

8. Images and videos

Leverage digital signage to exhibit your image gallery and showcase moments! Be it cheerful snaps from recent events or videos capturing retail outlet renovations, these visuals can be prominently displayed.

Use a two-zone screen layout to simultaneously play images and videos that help create an immersive experience. With the flexibility to incorporate dynamic graphic design elements, signage technology is a powerful tool for capturing and highlighting what your audience would like to see the most, leaving lasting impressions.

Parting words

Digital signage in shopping centers can help you create attention-grabbing content that shines! It helps bring out the best in calls to action and exudes dynamic elements. Our list is just the beginning, as you enjoy the freedom to create a diverse range of custom content. Think targeted ads that cater to specific demographics, seasonal greetings that spread joy, and much more!

By employing these captivating tactics, businesses can effortlessly set themselves apart from competitors and shine brilliantly in a crowded marketplace. The result? Increased foot traffic, boosted sales, and elevated customer satisfaction. Why settle for the ordinary when you can captivate and conquer the remarkable!?

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