pickcel digital signage software interface showing integrations with clock and weather data to display on digital screens

Why do organizations need integration &
automation of content flow ?

Your screens won't serve you well unless you play the right content. At the right time. In the right place.


Content is not king unless it's contextual


Predefined content needs planning & design time


Automated content sourcing equals better human resource utilization


Real-time information keeps your digital signage fresh & relevant

Our Existing Platform Integrations

We have integrated with tools for optimal use of screens.

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Digital Signage Integrations with Internal Servers

Office employee confiiguring slack app on laptop to integrate with pickcel digital signage software

B2B Software Applications

Pull data from your business intelligence software and show the dashboards & KPI metrics on digital screens.

  • -ERP
  • -CRM
  • -HRMS
  • -Ticket Management/ Support Desk System
  • -Meeting Room Booking Software
  • -Desk Booking Software
  • -Visitor Management
IoT System device placed on desk to configure integration with pickcel digital signage software

IoT Systems Integrations

Show information from various IOT devices & sensors on screen. A perfect solution for manufacturing plants, laboratories, and industries that rely on inter-device interactivity.

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Airport digital signage screen displaying flights information with the help of integration solution from Pickcel

Intelligent Transport System Integrations

We can integrate with all kinds of intelligent transportation software like Automatic Vehicle Location Systems (AVLS), Vehicle Dispatch Software, Depot Management Systems (DMS).

Get custom-built solutions like Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) for airports or general Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS) for bus stops & railways.

Pickcel solution for Smart transportation

POS/Billing Integrations

Sync your point-of-sale (POS) systems with digital screens.

Play advertisements and product promotions when the screen is idle.


Order Management System

Display customer order status, estimated time of order dispatch & other content on your restaurant TV screens. Integration with food ordering apps, menu boards and other service-management tools is possible.

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Emergency Alert System / CAP Integrations

Connect your private emergency systems or CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) servers with digital signage to get a pan-campus or a specific region-wide alert notification.


Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration

Unify your organization applications with digital signage through SSO integrations. Simplify user-access across large enterprises or departments to maintain faster operation speed.


Social Media Platform Integrations

Bringing the live feeds from social media platforms requires integration between third-party applications and your digital signage software.


News App Integration

Need to follow the headlines from your favorite media house or local news channel? We can integrate and custom-design an app for you, in the language of your choice.

How We Create Content Automation & Smart Content

The scope of technological integrations with digital signage

Mobile screen displaying social media apps that can be integrate with Pickcel digital signage to display on digital screens

Content syndication

Do you need to show the latest feeds from social media, news channels or practically any website on screen? We have created apps that lets you channelize content from various sources.

Example: RSS Feeds, News Feeds, Social media apps

IoT System device placed on desk integrated with Pickcel software to display sensor based data on digital screens

Sensor-based Intelligence

We can integrate with sensor-based technologies such as touch & motion sensor, voice & face recognition systems, RFID, and proximity sensors.

Example: Programmatic advertising

Laptop screen displaying API code to be integrated with pickcel digital signage software.

API Integrations with Enterprise In-house Applications

API integrations allow assimilating data from any third-party server. The data can then be presented on digital screens.

Example: Integrations with BI tools, project management dashboards, communication apps like Slack

mobile screen displaying qr code to be integrated with prebulid integrations from Pickcel digital signage software

QR Code Accessibility

We can create solutions with QR code plug-ins that can allow users to scan and view your content on mobile screens.

Example: Digital Product Catalog, Digital Menu Board, Digital Discount Coupons

physical map with pins to locations that is planned to play specific content on specific location on digital screens

Content driven by Location Awareness

Intelligent and automated distribution of content based on geographical parameters, language, weather, currency & screen groups.

Example: Playing content in specific regional languages based on programmed instructions.

clock showing time in digital format used to plan content scheduling on digital screens using Pickcel

Content driven by Time Awareness

Creating smart digital signage screens that are self-aware of what content will play at which time. It can be achieved through simple content scheduling.

Example: Menu day-parting, advertisements through seasonal timelines.

Why Pickcel ?


Enjoy Existing Integrations

Get 60+ pre-baked apps and solutions. Our list of free content apps keeps expanding by the day.


Modular Infrastructure

Easily do a 'mix-and match' customization. Build on top of the existing solutions or request a novel solution for you.


Full Service

From consultation & development to deployment & maintenance, Pickcel & its service partners will hand-hold you through the process



Pickcel has 7 Years of experience in providing consulting and integrations services to numerous enterprise clients.


Stories of Successful Digital Signage Integration

We have served the top global brands with tailored solutions.

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Digital Signage screen at Retail outlet displaying Amazon's promotional offer using Pickcel's Software

The Pickcel digital signage software was connected to the Amazon servers through API integrations with the intermediary platform Zapier. The integration automated the process of refreshing deals & offers; new promotional content can auto-populate the Amazon Easy screens at a defined interval.

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Digital Signage screen at office canteen displaying token information using Pickcel's Software

The HungerBox online food ordering platform is used by many corporate cafeterias. We integrated with the HungerBox app to show the live order status on the digital screens. Precise data sync ensured that the updates were uniform across the HungerBox mobile app and the cafeteria screens.

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Digital Signage screen at bus stop displaying promotional creative with live arrival/departure feeds using Pickcel's Software

Pickcel integrated its digital signage software with NEC’s Automatic Vehicle Location Systems to successfully design an intelligent Passenger Information System (PIS). The project was a subset of the NEC's award-winning Bus-Rapid Transit System (BRTS) undertaking for smart cities.

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Digital Signage screen at paint store collections of paint colors using Pickcel's Software

Syncing the Pickcel software with Asian Paints' color picker application helped the retail customers to view the color catalog on high-definition screens. Further, location- based programming enabled the intelligent distribution of regional content.

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Digital Signage screen at tecn park displaying promotional offer using Pickcel's Software

Pickcel custom-built an Air Quality Index (AQI) app for the Embassy group. Our digital signage software was integrated with the client's in-house servers to gather real time data from the indoor air quality monitoring sensors installed at various Embassy tech parks.

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