Essential Guide to Digital Signage Integrators: What You Must Know

Digital Signage Integrator


Digital signage solutions are better known for putting a lasting impression and, according to stats it can boost sales by 31.8 percent. So, what did we learn? We identified the technology that works.

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Now we need someone who can efficiently manage it for your company and anticipate the similar results it promises. In simple words, you need a digital signage integrator.

A digital signage integrator will deal with every task that comes with the word digital signage solution. Starting from installation to management, you can automate the task through digital signage integrators. Let’s understand who Digital Signage Integrators are.

Who are digital signage integrators?

A digital signage integrator refers to a professional who offers comprehensive solutions for implementing digital signage services. These integrators start by understanding the objectives and requirements of the company and provide end-to-end solutions tailored to these needs.

The digital signage integrator is responsible for hardware installation, software integration, content management, and technical support. The burden of installing and managing a company’s digital signage solution is handled by expert digital signage integrators.

The job doesn’t end there. In addition to developing content strategy, digital signage integrators can offer thorough training on building and publishing content directly from the content management system (CMS).

Key services offered by digital signage integrators

A digital signage integrator handles everything associated with the digital signage solution. You have the choice to tailor your requirements and decide what you actually need from the Integrators. Below, we have listed various services offered by digital signage integrators:

  1. Digital signage hardware

Integrators play a crucial role in setting up the hardware requirements for the entire digital signage system. With their expertise, they select the best hardware components and player operating systems that are compatible with the software. They also ensure these components are properly installed at the location to maximize performance.

  1. Digital signage software

The most important task of integrators is to choose the right digital signage software, as the entire management of content and operations relies on it. After thorough research, integrators help select a digital signage software that includes all the essential features, customization options, a centralized system, and a reliable support team.

As the primary decision-maker, you must be aware of what is best for your business. Our duty is to serve you with the best options, and we recommend you try Pickcel. Our services are free for 14 days, which should be enough time to convince you why Pickcel is the right choice.

  1. Security

Integrators will safeguard both your hardware and online data by conducting routine check-ups to ensure that your system and software are free from security concerns. They will secure your operating system and add extra layers of protection through applications and other security features.

  1. Technical support

Digital signage installation includes managing all technical requirements and troubleshooting by experts. Integrators will handle current status, management, and repairs thereafter.

  1. Content development

The digital signage integrator helps develop, schedule, and publish all your content requirements. They will understand your objectives and identify your target audience to decide what will be displayed by your company. Based on this understanding, they will build a content management strategy that aligns with your brand’s requirements and adheres to your guidelines.

What digital signage integrators seek in digital signage software?

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The software picked by the digital signage integrator must be reliable and cost-effective. When considering factors like support and security, the software must offer promising delivery.

The digital signage integrator can opt for a reseller or white-label digital signage software solutions provider, but it must align with all the fundamental amenities requirements and should be easily deployable. The key features include:

  1. Remote management

The software must ensure that the remote management of screening content should be a seamless process. It must be a user-friendly digital signage that allows it to handle multiple screens with a scope of scheduling and publishing.

  1. Security

The software must secure your data through features like password protection and data encryption. It should ensure IP address filtering while allowing user access to the system. Additionally, two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of protection.

  1. Scalability

Your software must keep pace with the growth of your business. As your business expands, it brings new needs and requirements, and your digital signage software solutions should be able to meet these evolving demands.

  1. Content creation

The digital signage software must have room for content creation. It should meet the tools required for designing content and customization templates. It must support the integration of applications that help in developing content for various needs.

  1. Price

The pricing of the software must be justified by the service it provides. The software must contribute to scalability and profit by keeping the cost of ownership low while enhancing operational efficiency. The final decision: Is a digital signage integrator necessary for your business?

If your business has a staff or team to manage digital signage or if you’re planning for plug-and-play solutions, you can start immediately without an integrator. However, if you lack both of these points, we would suggest going for a digital signage integrator.

Managing numerous digital signages, screening, hardware, and software is never an easy task. If your business deals with large-scale projects, opting for a digital signage integrator ensures efficiency.

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