What is digital signage ?

You must have seen all those big screens in public places such as airports, museums, roadsides, restaurants, shopping malls, retail outlets which shows visuals containing images, videos, news, weather, informations, restaurant menus etc.

These electronic screens, which displays those visuals for information dissemination or advertising are called digital signage.

In another term digital signage is an electronic version of conventional signage which uses LED, LCD digital displays or projections to show visuals and texts in order to advertise or inform viewers.

Digital signages can be of any screen sizes ranging from few inches which you see on back of a bus seats to big roadside hoardings.

Purpose and the intent of digital signage may depend on the business type and its target audience.

what is digital signage

For example:

Advertisers use digital form of signage in order to advertise, promote and influence their potential customer.

In airports, digital signages are used for displaying information about arrival and departure time of flights.

In restaurants it is used for displaying menu listings and price. Digital signage is also used for internal communication intended for employees or visitors within an organization.

That exactly is digital signage!

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digital signage

Why Pickcel Digital Signage

Pickcel is an award-winning simple and powerful Cloud digital signage solution with 6000+ displays and 100+ customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital signage?

Digital signage are the visuals comprising of image, video or multimedia content displayed on digital screen (LED, LCD or Projection) for informational or marketing purposes. The digital signage installation includes hardware, software, connectivity and contents.

Why is digital signage important?

Digital signage has now become an important part of communication tool for organizations to deliver informational or marketing content. There are many factors why digital signage are becoming ubiquitous. Digital signage are attention grabbing, contextual, dynamic, increases recall and retention rates, impacts on impulse buying, adds to customer experience and is cost effective compared to conventional signage.

How does a digital signage work?

Digital signage is a combination of multiple components which includes hardware, software and connectivity. A Digital signage system typically would include the following -

  • Digital screen (LCD, LED or Large format displays) for displaying visuals
  • Digital signage player hardware & software for interacting with CMS, storing the content and rendering it on the screen.
  • Content Management System (CMS software) for multimedia storage, content design and content scheduling on the digital signage display
  • Cloud Infrastructure for CMS hosting and display management (Optional)

How much does digital signage cost?

Digital signage cost would include the cost of all four components of signage i.e. screen, signage player, CMS and cloud. Over all cost would vary depending on the types of each component. Check here get an idea of CMS and cloud.

What is digital signage player?

Digital Signage player is the hardware that drives the content on the display. Digital signage players comes with a variety of operating systems including Android, Windows, Unix, google chrome etc. There are smart digital signage displays as well, which comes with embedded signage player or sometimes called System-on-Chip (SoC) e.g. LG web OS, Samsung Tizen or Android based smart TVs. Typically a signage player will have CPU, local storage (Hard Disk, SD Card or eMMC), memory (RAM), WiFi/LAN, USB and HDMI ports.