Manage Android based Digital Signage, Kiosk, PoS and IOT Devices

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Manage all devices from single admin console

Pickcel Android Device Management platform helps organisation to deploy and centrally manage android powered devices for better security, efficiency, transparency and cost effectiveness.

Customization and Integration

Protect Data through Device
Security & Policies

Home screen/Launcher restriction

Restricted users access to host operating system.

Limited app access

Publish a list of apps to show or hide on the device.

Wipe and lock

Use console to remotely lock and wipe work data from a managed device.

Factory reset protection management

Use console to remotely lock and wipe work data from a managed device.

Advanced app control

Prevent user from uninstalling or modifying managed apps through Settings, e.g. force closing the app or clearing an app’s data cache.

Status bar

Enable and disable status bar, if enabled people can access easy shortcuts by dragging down from status bar

Wifi on/off

Disable and enable the wifi

 Device Security & Policies
distribution management

Seamless distribution and management of applications

Silent app distribution

Silently distribute work apps on users' devices without any user interaction.

Remote app update

Remote app update to individual/group of device(s)

Runtime permission policy management

Set a default response to all runtime permission requests made by apps.

Ensure Device Compliance
& Policy Enforcement

Define Policy

Define policies covering various aspects mentioned above and apply policies to different groups of devices

Enforce Policy to devices

Define default policies for any new registered devices or a group of devices

Manage devices

List of devices in admin console, Real time online/offline status, Check policy enforcement.
Manage devices through tags, groups Troubleshoot device through real-time commands like install, un-install apps

Display in the Screen
distribution management

Manage and troubleshoot devices in run time

Reboot device

Remotely reboot managed devices.

System audio management

Silently control device audio features, including muting the device, volume settings and preventing users from audio control.

System clock management

Control device clock and timezone settings, and prevent users from changing settings.

Start and stop apps

Start and stop any app using pkg name using real time commands

Clear cache of apps

Clear cache of apps through the application pkg name.

Kiosk Management

Lock task mode management

Lock an app or set of apps to the screen, and ensure that users can't exit the app.

Advanced kiosk features

For dedicated devices, control the following features to support a kiosk use cases.

  • Disable the device keyguard
  • Disable the device status bar, blocking notifications and quick settings
  • Force the device screen to remain on while the device is plugged in
distribution management

Advance features

Pickcel can build customized features based on requirement and use case. Few possible advanced features that can be built


Device screenshots in real time

Camera control

Remote control of Device camera to take on-demand photographs

Geo Tagging

Device location mapping on google map


Application utilization report, asset uptime report or any other analytical reports as required.

Content management

Publish contents to devices. Download content from cloud to local storage and make those available for use by applications.

 Device Security & Policies