Use this app to show real-time weather updates on your digital signage screens.

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App Features

The Weather App is one of the most popular Pickcel apps. It allows you to publish information like date, time, location, live weather, and weather forecasts with beautiful background illustrations. No matter what your primary digital signage content is, the weather app will perfectly complement it and bring value to your audience.

Create Multiple Weather Widgets for Different Locations

Broadcast the live meteorological data for as many locations as you need. Create a weather app for every individual location. Add multiple weather widgets to show the weather conditions of different areas simultaneously on a single screen.

Show Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit Scale

While countries like the US uses the Fahrenheit scale (℉), many places like India, Canada, and several European countries prefer the Celsius (°C) scale. The Pickcel weather app lets you choose the temperature unit according to your preference.

Show Weather Data in 4 Different Language

The Pickcel weather app allows you to present the weather information in any of these languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish & Japanese.

Slide duration

You can decide how long each tweet is shown on your screen before the next tweet appears.

Jazz Up Your Screens with Animation Effect

Show falling raindrops during the monsoon precipitation or floating clouds when the sky is murky. The animation effect brings your screen to life. This feature is optional.

Publish Weather Data in Different Styles

The Pickcel Weather App is tailor-made for both landscape and portrait displays. You can show the weather information in full-screen or as a footer with other contents on your screen.

Same App, Different Looks!

Present your content in multiple different styles; which one is your favorite?

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Interesting Use Cases for the Weather App

We have listed a few, the sky is the limit for you!


Weather Information Can Help Airline Passengers & Crew: Showing real-time meteorological data and forecasts in Airport digital signage can help airlines crew and ground staff to stay well-coordinated at all times, especially, during climatic emergencies. It can also help passengers to deal with flight delays & cancellations that often result in frustration and chaos.


Weather Alerts Can Help the Transportation Industry: Digital signage screens deployed in road signals, railway platforms, and public transport vehicles can use the weather app to keep commuters updated on regular weather conditions as well as extreme climatic alerts like heavy rainfall, snowstorm, heatwaves, or storm alerts. This can help them to re-assess their traveling plans and travel routes.

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