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Display notices, announcements & more digitally and in an organized way with the Pickcel Bulletin Board app.

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App Features

Gone are the days of cluttered ink-and-paper notice boards! The Pickcel Bulletin Board app lets you organize your messages quickly and publish them to your digital screens with remarkable captivating appeal.

Create a playlist of messages & bulletins

Add as many notices and information pieces as you want. Set the slide duration of each content discretely as per the length of each text piece. Simply type in your content in the reserved fields ('Title' and 'Description') or copy-paste it from your files.

Style your bulletin board contents

Choose how your message appears on screen by stylizing your content title color and content description color. Grace your contents with relevant background graphics and your brand logo for maximum visual impact.

Flexible layouts to communicate your messages

The bulletin board app is tailor-made for both vertical and horizontal displays. You can also show your messages in the 'footer style' when other contents are playing on screen.

Same App, Different Looks!

Present your content in multiple different styles; which one is your favorite?

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Interesting Use Cases— How Bulletin Board App Can be Creatively Used

We have listed a few, the sky is the limit for you!


Display Organization Bulletins: Use the Pickcel Bulletin Board app for day-to-day internal communication within government offices, corporate organizations, schools and higher educational institutions. Also show special bulletins like conference outcomes, or messages from the Dean or the school Principal before holidays.


Encourage Creative Spirit & Entertain: The digital bulletin board is a fantastic way to showcase the literary works of the students in an educational institution. It helps to boost the confidence of young creators. Publishing and media houses, on the other hand, can use this app to exhibit brief excerpts from newly-published books or author interviews.

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We Would Love To Customize Our Apps For You !

Pickcel solutions are remarkably flexible and we are open for all kinds of customization or integration with any third party application to suit your needs.



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