Dayparting at its best

Canteens often daypart and rotate their menu, catering to a crowd with varied tastes. Pickcel’s digital menu board templates enable scheduling and segmenting of daily or weekly menus per the time of the day, ensuring your audience is well-informed in advance, leading to quicker decision-making and reduced wait times.

A digital menu board for a coffee shop showing customization options
A digital menu board for a coffee shop showing nutritional information

Countdown to meal o’clock

Timely meals are crucial in institutional mess settings such as universities. The menu board clearly shows meal times for all meals, including snacks. Additionally, real-time countdowns can be integrated, signaling the end of a mealtime, ensuring everyone gets their fair chance to dine. This is especially beneficial in large institutions where timely meal rotations are crucial for smooth operations.

Save the plate

Digital menu boards for canteens can be a great way to reduce food wastage. The canteen board can show real-time data on remaining meal quantities, guiding diners to waste-minimizing choices. If a dish runs low, it gets highlighted, suggesting available alternatives. This approach boosts resource efficiency and fosters a sustainable dining culture.

A digital menu board for a coffee shop showing customization options
A digital menu board for a coffee shop running menu and ads simultaneousl

More than just e-menus

The canteen board’s utility extends far beyond merely displaying menus. It can transform into a dynamic communication platform, keeping patrons engaged and informed. Canteen menu boards can spotlight a day dedicated to celebrating cultural cuisines, drawing attention to an imminent culinary workshop, helping foster an inclusive environment.

Who Needs Pickcel's Digital Menu Board App?

Electronic menu boards are quickly becoming a must-have for all kinds of food businesses be it restaurants, food-trucks or drive-thrus. A simple and easy-to-maneuver solution for all your menu board needs saves money and time. That's why Pickcel's digital menu app brings the best of both worlds— efficiency & affordability.

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Save Time Creating Content With Digital Menu Board Templates

Adapt your screen content to the hourly rush and flexible business offerings. Customize tons of irresistible menu templates from Pickcel’s built-in design tool Artboard. Design & edit your menu board to boost sales.

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