Graphic worth a million words

Imagine walking into a coffee shop and being greeted by digital menu boards that not only display the menu but also tell the story behind each coffee variant. Who knows? The cappuccino you are casually sipping on might have connections to the first coffee de-concoction technique of Rwanda.

A cafe digital menu board showing interesting facts about coffee
A digital menu board for a coffee shop showing nutritional information

Nutrition info in one place

Coffee lovers can make informed choices with the help of digital menu boards that display gluten and energy information along with the name and image of the product. Whether you're looking to cut down on gluten or need to know the calorie count of your favorite drink, the digital menu board makes it easy to choose what's best for you.

Customize per taste

Coffee shop digital menu boards make self-ordering and menu customization a breeze. Potential customers and passersby can browse the menu at their own pace and quickly make their selections. With the option to customize preferential ingredients, customers can add or remove ingredients, choose toppings, and tailor their beverages just the way they like them.

A digital menu board for a coffee shop showing customization options
A digital menu board for a coffee shop running menu and ads simultaneousl

On-screen infotainment

Give your coffee shop’s digital menu board the much-needed upgrade with on-screen infotainment. Keep your customers engaged and informed by displaying local news updates, weather information, or even AQI updates alongside your menu, enhancing their overall experience.

Who Needs Pickcel's Digital Menu Board App?

Electronic menu boards are quickly becoming a must-have for all kinds of food businesses be it restaurants, food-trucks or drive-thrus. A simple and easy-to-maneuver solution for all your menu board needs saves money and time. That's why Pickcel's digital menu app brings the best of both worlds— efficiency & affordability.

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Save Time Creating Content With Digital Menu Board Templates

Adapt your screen content to the hourly rush and flexible business offerings. Customize tons of irresistible menu templates from Pickcel’s built-in design tool Artboard. Design & edit your menu board to boost sales.

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