A Feast for the Eyes

Say goodbye to bland, outdated menus. Use the power of motion graphics & HD visuals to showcase your delectables. Run dynamic video backgrounds, highlight 'Today's Specials,' and make the hunger pangs grow with every sight!

digital menu board showing menu in food truck cafe
Digital menu board showing special combo offer in food truck

Just Hard Sell? Cross Sell.

Want to make more sales? Show your customers what they're missing out on. Suggested popular combo offers; use dynamic discounts to gamify offers and trigger impulse purchases.

Swipe to Order

Upgrade your food truck with on-body interactive digital menu boards for a cutting-edge customer experience. With real-time updates on item availability and seasonal specials, customers can easily place orders and save time on interactions.

customer is ordering food using interactive digital menu board
Digital menu board with QR code for order in food truck

Q(ueue) for QR code

Make your order queues digital with a QR code. Let your customers browse and order seamlessly from mobile devices. Manage virtual tokens and display live order status on screen. Save your breath; no more shouting orders from the window!

Need the essentials to run your food truck's digital menu board? Try Pickcel.

Don’t let conventional processes slow you down. Jumpstart your restaurant business with Pickcel digital signage.

various types of digital menu board various types of digital menu board