Say yes to remote content updates

Keeping your menu boards up-to-date and fresh is a breeze with a cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) for your drive-thru digital menu boards. With this feature, standalone and unmanned displays can be managed with ease, without any geographical barriers. No need to worry about outdated information, as remote updates allow you to keep your customers up-to-date.

A drive thru digital menu board visible from a distance

Visuals matter! Even from a distance

Drive-thru digital menu boards are the perfect bait to catch the attention of potential customers from a distance. With stunning visuals and colors that pop, these digital menu boards can help you highlight your best dishes and entice customers to stop by. Create a better experience for your customers and increase the likelihood of them returning with animated videos, high-resolution images, or GIFs displayed alongside.

Accessibility and user-friendliness

Enhance customer experience with all-accessible drive-thru digital menu boards. Multilingual support makes way for an audience with diverse backgrounds. Sign language digital menu boards, on the other hand, are effective in case of speech or hearing impairments. making ordering easy and accessible.

A drive thru digital menu board with gamified QR code discount

Gamified offers for the Win

Boost your drive-thru sales with gamified discounts on digital menu boards. Make your menu dynamic animated backgrounds, while providing real-time updates on discounts and special offers. Grab your customers’ attention with fun elements in the ordering process, increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

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