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Whether you are managing a small retail business or running a big retail, corporate house, you cannot ignore the need for retail digital signage. These are the potential digital tools that will help you in displaying engaging content. There are plenty of retail digital signage solutions in the market that are currently assisting businesses to reach the pinnacle of productivity with signage. If you are looking for reliable retail digital signage software, then Pickcel is the right fit for you.

Great Content Means More Engagement


Run Promotions & Ad Campaigns

Highlight special offers, discounts, free product trials, coupons, loyalty programs, etc. Play advertisements that get shoppers excited.


Play in-store Entertainment

Show the latest music video chartbusters, movie trailers and news headlines to make the shopping experience more wholesome.


Show Social Media Feeds

Reinforce customer loyalty by streaming live feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Show online reviews from influencers & retweets to build hype.


Leverage Customer feedback

Collect feedback from customers using feedback kiosks. Then repurpose the testimonials by showing them on screen.


Show Internal News & Stats

Keep your staff updated with company mandates, guidelines, & policy changes. Introduce new recruits. Show holidays, meeting schedules, etc.


Offer Interactive Infotainment

Accelerate services through self check-out kiosks. Deploy interactive way-finding maps to help customers locate a store in a mall or an aisle in a store.


Display Emergency Messages in Real-time

The Pickcel content management software has a 'Quickplay' feature that can override regular content & play impromptu alerts across selected screens.

retail templates

Build Better Campaigns With Retail Digital Signage Templates

Level up your marketing game with Pickcel Artboard— our built-in design tool that offers irresistible templates crafted exclusively for customer engagement and brand communications.

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60+ Digital Signage Content Apps for Retail Businesses

All Pickcel apps come free with the Pickcel digital signage software. Try our software to unlock 60+ apps that make communication for your business easier!

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Customer Success Story: Amazon

How Pickcel’s retail digital signage solution solved the product marketing challenge.

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Why Pickcel Digital Signage Solutions?

cloud-based digital signage

Pickcel has a web-based digital signage system that allows you to control all your screens remotely. There is also multi-user support.

safely stored in a cloud

The content management software offers sophisticated features like content scheduling remote troubleshooting, and screen grouping.

social media experience

Our application is supported on a wide range of digital signage players and operating systems like Android digital signage player, digital signage for windows, Linux, MacOS, etc

marketing campaigns

The software can be customized and integrated with multiple third-party systems to tailor the application for unique business needs.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Retail Businesses

Here are a few excellent benefits of adopting retail digital signage solutions:

Eliminates Cost of Printing

Eliminates Cost of Printing

Digital signage is a one-time investment with a high ROI. You can cut down on the cost of designing, printing and also the cost of time.

10X Higher Impact

10X Higher Impact

Retail businesses need to engage customers. Digital content is visually compelling and multiple compositions can be played together.

Convenience is Sky-High

Convenience is Sky-High

Imagine controlling thousands of geographically-distributed screens from a single laptop. Digital signage software makes it possible.



A screen that shows your brand's ad banner can also show the live weather. Unlike static signage, digital signage are essentially reusable assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Retail digital displays or retail advertising signs are strategically placed in various spots throughout the store to display relevant advertisements. They usually have a specific message and can either be highly visual or written. Businesses use these displays to show relevant messages that will draw the attention of potential customers. The signs are also used to inform customers about special offers and deals, product recalls, as well as other promotional campaigns.

Yes, all your business data, graphs, confidential information, videos, images, and other details are secure in a cloud-based environment. You never have to worry about the security of your data at Pickcel.

We support files in video (all except flash) and image (JPEG, Gif, Png) format. You can send your files in these formats. In case of any difficulty, feel free to contact us.

With a digital signage solution from Pickcel, you can attract your set of audiences effectively and efficiently. You can make internet communication and let your customers know what better you can provide. No doubt, retail digital signage has enhanced businesses and the way they interact with their customers.