Show scrolling text on your digital signage screens to attract viewer attention.

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App Features

The Scroller app is a perfect tool to display information like temporary updates, offers, latest news within an organization, trivial bulletins, etc.

Create a Scroller in Just a Few Seconds

It takes less than a minute to create any scroller. Simply type in your text in the field or copy-paste it. There is no limitation to text length, words or characters. Edit your text whenever you like.

Style Your Scrolling Text

Choose any color for the text & text background to make it accordant with other contents on your screen. Format your text with 'Regular', 'Bold', or 'Italics' options.

Flexible Scroll Direction & Scroll Speed

Scroll your text in any direction- left to right or the reverse depending on your requirement. Set the scroll speed as High, Low or Medium.

Same App, Different Looks!

Present your content in multiple different styles; which one is your favorite?

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Interesting Use Cases— How Scroller Plus Can be Creatively Used

We have listed a few, the sky is the limit for you!


Attract Attention Towards Offers, Discounts & More: Scrolling texts are as good as animated texts or videos when it comes to grabbing viewers' attention. It is therefore a widely popular choice for retailers to show New Arrivals, Offers, Discounts, Memberships, etc.


Show Organization Bulletins: Not every news needs to make it to the headlines. Not every information needs a full-screen display. Certain details like hourly stock market updates, niche market information, organization growth statistics, meeting highlights, etc. can be easily shown using a scrolling text instead of dedicating a whole screen.

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Pickcel solutions are remarkably flexible and we are open for all kinds of customization or integration with any third party application to suit your needs.



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