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Promote and sell through POS integration

Showcase ongoing promotions, discounts, and special offers to attract attention and boost sales. Integrate digital signage with your POS systems at checkout lanes to increase sales.

An office digital signage screen showing financing info
An office digital screen wth a welcome onboard message

Educate and instruct customers

Display health tips, information about common ailments, and advice on medication usage to educate and empower customers. Provide detailed information about over-the-counter products, including ingredients, usage instructions, and potential side effects.

Customer reviews on screens for credibility

Streamline prescription filling by displaying real-time prescription status updates and pickup instructions. Also share customer testimonials and product reviews to build trust and credibility.
Company traction on an office digital signage screen
A digital signage screen showing client reviews in an office

Alert and evacuate during emergencies

Display emergency contact numbers, first aid instructions, and evacuation plans for customer safety. With Pickcel's Quickplay feature, instantly play emergency alerts on the screens in case of natural disasters.

Why choose digital signage for pharmacy?

Pharmacy experience upgrade has never been easier. Here is how signage can help:

A day greeting on an office digital signage screen

Compliance messaging

Remind customers of prescription refill schedules, vaccination reminders, and other important health-related messages.

CSR activity on a digital signage screen

Employee training

Use digital screens for employee training, ensuring staff is well-informed about product knowledge and customer service best practices.

Social media feed on office digital signage screen

Store navigation

Use interactive digital maps or wayfinding displays to help customers locate specific products within the store.

An cinema digital signage screen flashing an emergency message

Waiting area entertainment

Keep customers engaged and entertained while they wait by showing health-related content or news updates.

Who needs Pickcel’s retail solution?

Digital signage can be implemented in any store to enhance a customer’s shopping experience. Where can you use it to your advantage?

Upgrade your pharmacy experience with Pickcel Digital Signage!