The Client

Indian multinational paint manufacturer and dealer, Asian Paints operates in several countries of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the South Pacific regions. It is India's largest and Asia's third-largest paint company. Along with manufacturing and selling paint, Asian Paints also offers interior design services, sanitization services, and color consultations.

The Challenge

Our client has 2500 dealers in various cities pan India. All the stores were equipped with interactive kiosks that allowed the customers to pick and choose from a wide range of Asian Paints color palettes. However, when the devices were not in use, the display screens of the kiosks remained blank and inactive.

Soon enough, our client realized that there was significant scope for optimal utilization of the kiosks. They started to look for digital signage software that will play ancillary promotional brand content during idle screen time.

The Solution

Our client chose Pickcel's digital signage content management system (cms) to run the brand marketing contents on the kiosk screens. These contents would run only when the displays were unoccupied.

The task of adding all the devices to the digital signage network was a quick process. All of the client's hardware ran on Windows OS. During the initial roll-out, Pickcel provided a simple QR code-based display registration process to configure all the 2500 displays smoothly, in no time.

Pickcel's digital signage content management system allowed scheduling the contents to cut down the unnecessary manual effort. The digital signage software distributed the contents across all the 2500 stores using screen tagging. Screen tags classified the devices based on several factors like distributor categories, regional or geographical categories, etc. This allowed the kiosks to run more relevant and category-specific content.

Pickcel's digital signage software was also capable of playing the contents in multiple languages, including regional languages (based on the tag of the device).

Key Benefits

  • Highly Scalable: Pickcel's digital signage software was highly scalable and could easily add 2500 geographically-distributed devices to the network.
  • Dedicated Technical Support: Pickcel's technical team supported the client in all kinds of technical difficulties.

The Outcome

After deploying Pickcel's digital signage software, our client had two prominent positive outcomes:

Optimal Device Usage: The kiosks are now always active, even when unoccupied. When attractive, dynamic content is played on the devices, it catches the customers' attention much better than a black screen. This tempts the customers to interact with the devices.

A Boost to Marketing: No billboards, no expensive advertisement, and yet our client could market their products twice as much with just the same old hardware. With the new digital signage solution in place, our client could now clearly run:

  • *Offers, discounts, promotions
  • *Brand history, news updates,
  • *Best dealer of the Month,
  • *Color of the Month, etc.