The Client

Amazon Easy is an initiative of the Amazon Franchise in India. Under this program, small and independent local stores (called 'Easy Stores') across various Tier III cities in India partner with Amazon to help the not-so-digitally-sound customers shop online through an assisted buying facility.

The Challenge

In Amazon Easy stores, the customers ask the local store staff to check for the desired products on Amazon's online platform.

Since the shopping assistants were primarily performing the task of browsing products, and placing the orders online, the customers often missed out on impressive discounts and promotions that could sway their purchasing decisions.

To remediate the situation, Amazon Easy started looking for the following three solutions:

  1. A retail digital signage solution that will increase the visibility of their offers to the customers.
  2. A solution that will be able to manage the load of a multitude of offers and promotions coming from a significantly large number of Amazon vendors.
  3. A digital signage solution that will quickly update the changes in offers and promotions as they happen in real-time.

The Solution

Following a thorough analysis of the client's overall objectives, Pickcel's technical team reached a consensus that it would be best if the entire process of publishing the offers could be automated.

Pickcel designed a fully customized digital signage software application for Amazon Easy. The solution's working principle was as such:

Key Benefits

  • Scalability: Amazon has Easy stores across various cities in India. Performance issues could be avoided only through a highly scalable solution.
  • Automation: A large number of data from different Amazon sellers had to be processed continually. Automation eliminated the chances of error and time lag.
  • Fully Customized Application: Amazon Easy's case was special. It needed to support a very specific mode of operation.
  • No Need for special training: Since, Pickcel managed the functioning of the retail digital signage software solution, it spared the Amazon Easy staff from excess manual workload and the overwhelming technical training sessions.

The Outcome

The digital signage screens in all the Amazon Easy stores can now clearly display-

  • Individual product discount rates,
  • Group/category product offers
  • Offers by brand
  • New arrivals
  • Payment/digital wallet offers, etc.

All the offers and discounts play in a specified time loop. At designated intervals, the digital signage software also plays Amazon's promotional videos (like Amazon Prime Day Sale, Regional and National Festive Sales, etc.)

Since the retail digital signage solution was implemented, Amazon Easy stores have experienced a significant increase in footfall. The digital signage solution has proved to be equally profitable for Amazon Easy, the local stores, and the customers.