The Client

HungerBox is a Bangalore-based food-tech solution provider and a food vendor aggregator. Their online platform and food ordering app is used by several corporate cafeterias across 20+ cities in India.

The Challenge

Using the HungerBox app, corporate office employees can select food vendors in their office cafeteria and order their food. The customers can find their token numbers in the HungerBox mobile app. However, the dependency on the mobile phone app alone wasn't enough for our client to make the cafeteria experience smoother. That is when our client started to look for a digital signage solution. Once the digital signage displays were installed at the cafeteria zone, our client was now more focused on finding an advanced digital signage solution that could:

  1. Seamlessly integrate with the HungerBox food ordering app, and
  2. Publish the food order updates in real-time

The Solution

The client chose Pickcel's digital signage solution for all its corporate cafeterias. Pickcel's team had a detailed discussion on how the client's software application functioned and in what possible capacity would the digital signage solution function.

Following this, Pickcel's technical team carried out API integrations between the HungerBox system and Pickcel's digital signage software. The digital signage content management system (cms) was designed such that it could publish live updates of the food orders.

It was also necessary that the Hungerbox application and Pickcel's digital signage application operated in sync with each other to avoid confusion and maintain precise consistency in showing the token numbers.

The Hungerbox app-generated tokens were shown in real-time on the digital signage displays at the cafeteria. The orders were segregated as:

  1. Orders Ready
  2. Orders in Queue

The moment a food order was ready, the respective token number moved from 'Orders in Queue' to 'Orders Ready'. This change was updated in both the mobile app and digital signage system simultaneously.

Key Benefits

  • Robust Security: Since the client's software application was integrated with Pickcel's digital signage software, robust security measures were taken to ensure data protection.
  • Easy-to-Use: Pickcel's user-friendly application made it easier for the cafeteria staff to maintain the digital signage system.

The Outcome

The outcome was as expected: clear and precise information dissemination. Pickcel's digital signage solution was a welcome addition to the corporate cafeterias. It was much appreciated by the employees and food vendors alike.

Now, employees can easily figure out the status of their order even if they accidentally leave their mobile phones behind. Employees can also pick up their friends' and colleagues' food orders. With Pickcel's digital signage software, our client was able to extend a world-class cafeteria experience to so many corporate offices.