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Unwind the digital way

Break room digital signage can display serene visuals, that make the overall atmosphere appear calm amidst the daily corporate hustle. Furthermore, integrating short, mindful e-meditation sessions or wellness videos can promote mental well-being and stress management.

An office digital signage screen showing financing info
An office digital screen wth a welcome onboard message

The office-social corner

Highlight upcoming social events, team-building activities, and fun contests through vibrant screens to encourage participation and interaction, fostering a feeling of unity among your team.

Your fingertip library

A break-nook screen that doubles up as a virtual library? Yes! Make your interactive displays a rich repository of e-books, articles, and journals using Pickcel’s cloud-based content management system. The perfect companion for those coffee breaks, indeed.

Company traction on an office digital signage screen
A digital signage screen showing client reviews in an office

Inclusive e-celebrations

What better way to celebrate festivals than having your office engaged? Use e-signage screens to celebrate various cultural and local events while informing your employees of the significance of each. Feature content in different languages to foster a sense of community among your teammates.

Why choose break area signage?

From engaging your team to sharing a laugh together, digital signage in rooms meant to relax and recharge is tool you might be looking for.

A day greeting on an office digital signage screen

Best communication tool

Feature important updates, corporate announcements, so that every team member is aware of what is going on in office.

CSR activity on a digital signage screen

Weather and traffic updates

Display weather forecasts and traffic updates on-screen helping people plan their commutes and safeguarding against unexpected delays.

Social media feed on office digital signage screen

More than just a screen

Show nutritional information for every meal served in office, including featuring employee-made recipes, turning these rest spaces into an exploration and discussion hub.

An office digital signage screen flashing an emergency message

Showcase sustainable ideass

Post session QR codes that lead to sub-events of the day, or handouts related to the event, allowing attendees to access them instantly.

Who needs Pickcel’s Corporate solution?

Move beyond traditional static displays in corporate spaces and experience the difference with our digital signage solutions for breakrooms, lobbies, HR departments and more.

Get the best out of your breakroom signage with Pickcel