The Client

M3M India, a renowned real estate developer, has emerged as a top market player, focusing on ethical governance, transparency, and unwavering commitment to quality. With a portfolio of nearly 50 projects in Gurugram, the builders have left an indelible mark on luxury, residential, and retail realty.

The Challenge

The developers encountered hurdles in bridging connections with its extensive workforce and stakeholders. The imperative for a cohesive internal communication system capable of sharing vital information, highlighting achievements, and promoting properties consistently across numerous locations took center stage. With operations spanning Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi NCR, the main challenge was streamlining communication without compromising quality.

The Solution

Pickcel rose to the occasion, providing M3M India with a comprehensive solution that addressed the intricacies of their challenge:

Project portfolio showcase: Pickcel's digital signage solution enabled M3M India to showcase its past, current, and upcoming projects visually captivatingly. LED screens displayed High-quality images and videos in offices, buildings, and other vital locations. This effectively communicated the essence of each project and created a lasting impression on visitors and potential buyers.

Consistent branding: The cloud-based nature of Pickcel's solution allowed M3M India to maintain consistent branding and messaging across all their locations. Regardless of the office or building, the information presented remained uniform, ensuring the brand identity and reputation were reinforced with each interaction.

Real-time updates: Pickcel's system facilitated real-time updates about project progress, facilities, and amenities. This feature proved invaluable in keeping potential buyers and existing residents informed about the latest developments. Whether it was an ongoing construction milestone, the availability of new amenities, or other updates, M3M India could convey the information promptly.

Tailored communication: Pickcel's solution enabled M3M India to segment its audience effectively. Messages could be tailored based on the specific location and the nature of the communication – whether it was directed towards potential buyers, existing residents, or the general public. This customization ensured that information reached the right people, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

Key Benefits

  • Cloud-based convenience: Real estate requires efficient property management across diverse locations. Pickcel's cloud-based solution simplified this task, allowing property managers to update information, showcase amenities, and track project progress re
  • Multi-location management: Real estate enterprises with properties scattered across Noida, Gurgaon, and other parts of Delhi NCR benefited from Pickcel's software, which provided a central dashboard for remote screen management.
  • Real-time updates: Keeping potential buyers well-informed was vital in real estate. Pickcel's software facilitated the dissemination of instant updates regarding project advancements and available facilities to screens.
  • Personalized engagement: Diverse properties catered to varied demographics. Through Pickcel's software, the tailoring of messages and content to specific locations or audience segments became possible.

The Result

Leveraging Pickcel's solution, M3M achieved significant results in addressing their unique communication challenges. The dynamic display of projects captured the attention of visitors and potential buyers, effectively conveying project essence and driving increased interest. Consistent branding across locations highlighted the brand's professionalism, elevating the company's image. Real-time updates built trust among buyers and residents, while tailored messages enhanced engagement by delivering relevant content to specific audiences.