The Client

Manipal Hospitals is a large chain of multi-specialty hospitals in India.

The Challenge

Manipal Hospitals wanted to engage with the on-premise visitors by showing hospital information, health education & marketing content across multiple cities & branches. Owing to the flexibility of showing multiple and ever-changing contents on a single digital signage display, the hospital authorities decided to deploy a hospital digital signage system.

The Solution

Pickcel implemented the on-premise digital signage solution at various Bengaluru & New Delhi branches of Manipal Hospitals. The digital signage software was managing a network of 250 digital signage displays across these locations. The software for digital signage was deployed on the premise of the Manipal Hospitals, within their own infrastructure.

The digital signage displays were placed on strategic locations such as receptions, visitor and patient waiting rooms, lounges, cafeterias, outpatient departments, break rooms of staff & nurses, etc.

Besides, Pickcel deployed a customized queue management solution that displayed real-time queue status of the visitors on the hospital digital signage.

Key Benefits

  • Highly Scalable: Pickcel's hospital digital signage solution could seamlessly manage 200+ screens and numerous dynamic contents.

The Outcome

Once the digital signage solution was implemented, important notices, health check-up schedules, doctor’s information, public awareness contents, safety precautions, and educational contents smoothly reached the visitors. This not only kept them well-informed but also engaged them during wait-time, thus significantly reducing the wait-time frustration.

The digital signage software was seamlessly publishing various marketing promotions & branding, contents such as hospital facilities, available treatments, counter-information, queue management, upcoming events, medical campaigns, offers, etc.

At the same time, information such as medical training, hospital guidelines, security procedures, rules to follow, work & medical ethics, and new treatments could be displayed using the hospital digital signage. This aided in improving the hospital's internal communication.