Try Pickcel for a hassle-free digital signage experience with top-notch security, integrations, automation, and customized workflows.

Pickcel empowers you as the controller, offering powerful customization options. Enhance your experience with tools and integrations like Google Sheets, Zapier, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and much more.

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Pickcel is the right choice for digital signage. Here is why

From software features to compatibility, we have it all!


Mobile accessible CMS

Stay connected on the “go”! Manage, publish or schedule content using your mobile phone.


Hardware no bar

Hardware-agnostic feature ensuring smooth operations on Android, MacOS, ChromeOS, Windows, and more


Integrations like no other

Pickcel offers versatile integrations, including powerful IoT systems, PIDS, and PoS billing


Free media tools

Access the exclusive with Pickcel Artboard's professional themes, fonts, and elements. Access over 100 templates and a million-plus stock photos and videos


On-premise solution for maximum control

Enables organizations to self host Pickcel's digital signage content management system on the local server, ensuring maximum control & security.


Private live-streaming application

Integrate Zoom, Microsoft Teams & other tools effortlessly to go live with your sessions.

soc certified

Reliable and secure. We are SOC2 & ISO certified.

Our SOC2 certification attests to our dedication to data protection, promoting seamless collaborations. We are also ISO 27001 certified, which guarantees that our digital signage security adheres to the highest industry standards.

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Xogo missed many important features you need? be smart and pick a better alternative!

Features Xogo
CMS mobile-accessible
Multi User
Support all file formats
Free Apps
4K Resolution Support
Free stock Images
Drag-and-drop layout editing
Scheduling Advanced scheduling allows you to select any time of the day, week, or month. [Calendar scheduling] Limited access allows to schedule only hours/days for a week. [No Calendar scheduling ]
Digital signage analytics Offers advanced signage analytics and reports It has no analytics and reports features.
CMS dashboard navigation Provides step-by-step onboarding journey for first-time users. Also has a user-friendly menu structure. No onboarding journey. The menu is complex to navigate.
Free Trial 14 days (All features) 1 free user (Limited features)
Pricing/ device/ month $15 $20

Disclaimer: Pickcel is unaffiliated with Xogo, and this data is purely based on our web research. Xogo retains its trademark ownership. Users can validate our assertions by testing both products.

Success stories: Why do top brands choose Pickcel, a brand they trust for quality?


Cure.Fit, a renowned wellness company, partnered with Pickcel for digital signage solutions. Cult.Fit, its fitness arm, faced the challenge of disseminating vast information across its 230+ workout centers in India. For Cure.Fit, the goal was enhanced internal communication. Pickcel's flexible and user-friendly digital signage software resolved both needs seamlessly, accommodating various OSs and offering easy content management. This partnership ensured engaging office communication and streamlined customer information delivery, showcasing schedules, offers, and fitness tips effectively.

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healthcare templates
healthcare templates


PepsiCo, a global leader in the food and beverage industry, partnered with Pickcel, known for digital signage solutions. Facing challenges in efficient employee communication, PepsiCo integrated Pickcel's digital screens in its corporate spaces. This allowed real-time updates on news, meeting schedules, and recognition, fostering a positive work environment. Pickcel's automation and compatibility across systems ensured timely and relevant content display without manual efforts. The result was improved internal communication efficacy, keeping all staff informed and reducing communication gaps.

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