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Screenly is tailored explicitly for Raspberry Pi-based players, which may limit hardware flexibility. Pickcel, on the other hand, provides the freedom to select hardware based on individual performance, security, and organizational needs, highlighting its adaptability and user-centric approach to digital signage solutions

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Pickcel mobile app

Stay connected on the “go”! Manage, publish or schedule content using your mobile phone.


In-built design tools

Offers Artboard which helps create custom templates and innovative designs.


On-premise solutions

Self-host content management system on your local server and enjoy complete control.


Private live-streaming application

Integrate Zoom, Microsoft Teams & other tools effortlessly to go live with your sessions.

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Looking for more than just screens or cloud? Switch to an effort-free and affordable alternative!

CMS mobile-accessible
On-premise solutions information-circle

Pickcel offers both cloud based & on-premise solutions

Private live-streaming applications Integrate Zoom, Microsoft Teams & other tools effortlessly to go live with your sessions. No such solutions are offered.
In-built design tool for faster media creation Has exclusive digital signage content design tool Artboard with 100+ professional templates No templates/stock images are offered.
Advanced screen reports and analytics
Custom signage application development
4K media support
Layout editing options Drag and drop layout edit feature offered. No such feature
Multiple slide options
Emergency real-time content publication
Remote troubleshooting of media players
Role-based access control
CMS dashboard navigation Shows a step-by-step onboarding journey for first-time users. Also has a more straightforward menu structure. no onboarding journey. The menu is complex to navigate.
Hardware compatibility Compatible with a wide range of player devices, including Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, Tizen OS, WebOS, and Raspberry Pi OS. Runs only on Screenly players based off Linux and Raspberry Pi
Media filtering by tags Offered in all plans, including trials Not offered.
Content processing time Faster content processing time Content takes longer to load.

Pickcel, independent from Screenly, bases insights on web research. Screencloud owns its trademark. We encourage user comparisons for validation.

Success stories: What makes us the trusted partner for top brands?

healthcare templates

Mercedes Benz 

Mercedes-Benz partnered with Pickcel for on-premise digital signage to enhance internal communication. The global luxury car manufacturer sought to streamline employee news, recognition, and branding messages. Pickcel's software addressed security needs and hardware compatibility, deploying remotely. Benefits included an intuitive user interface, content scheduling, and custom user roles.

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healthcare templates


Decathlon, a global sports retailer with €11.4 billion turnover and 2000+ stores, used Pickcel's digital signage software to enhance in-store promotions. Facing the challenge of dynamic communication, they deployed cloud-based displays, empowering store managers to run advertisements and infotainment. The solution led to increased engagement, with benefits including scalability, user-friendly UI, content scheduling, and technical support.

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