Experience the power of visual communication with Pickcel digital signage solutions. Boost engagement and productivity while enjoying the reliability of top-tier security.

Pickcel empowers you with advanced remote control features managed from a centralized CMS, integrating tools like Google Traffic, Zoom, and stock apps to enhance your operations efficiently.

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Pickcel is the right choice for digital signage. Here is why

From software features to compatibility, we have it all!


Mobile accessible CMS

Effortlessly manage your digital signage from anywhere with the Pickcel Go mobile app, designed for your convenience and deployment schedule


Hardware no bar

Hardware-agnostic feature ensuring smooth operations on Android, MacOS, ChromeOS, Windows, and more


Integrations like no other

Pickcel offers versatile integrations, including powerful IoT systems, PIDS, and PoS billing


Free media tools

Access the exclusive with Pickcel Artboard's professional themes, fonts, and elements. Access over 100 templates and a million-plus stock photos and videos.


On-premise solution for maximum control

Enables organizations to self host Pickcel's digital signage content management system on the local server, ensuring maximum control & security.


Private live-streaming application

Integrate Zoom, Microsoft Teams & other tools effortlessly to go live with your sessions

soc certified

Reliable and secure. We are SOC2 & ISO certified.

Reliable and secure. We are SOC2 certified. Our SOC2 certification attests to our dedication to data protection, promoting seamless collaborations.

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Realize what Reach Media has been missing. See why it’s time for a better solution.

Features Reach Media
SOC-2 security certification
User-friendly Dashboard
Remote Display Management
SMBs and Customers 12,000+ 7487
Free Apps
Free stock Images
Advanced industry-specific solutions Multiple industry-specific solutions like Passenger Information System (PIS), Queue Management, Social Walls & more. No such solutions are offered.
Hardware compatibility Compatible with a wide range of player devices, including Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, Tizen OS, WebOS, and Raspberry Pi OS. Limited Player Compatibility.
Free Trial  14 days (All features) 30 Days free trial
Pricing/ device/ month $15 $20

Disclaimer: Pickcel is unaffiliated with Reach Media, and this data is purely based on our web research. Reach Media retains its trademark ownership. Users can validate our assertions by testing both products.

Success stories: What makes us the trusted partner for top brands?

healthcare templates


FFG, a leading machine tool manufacturer, enhanced their internal communications and display functionality by implementing Pickcel's on-premise digital signage solution. This upgrade enabled FFG to securely manage and display essential data and updates across their facilities. As a result, they boosted operational efficiency and staff engagement by providing real-time information on production status and performance metrics.

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healthcare templates


Etisalat, a leading telecommunications company, leveraged Pickcel's digital signage software and managed services to enhance communication and engagement across 12,000+ SMBs. By integrating digital signage, Etisalat streamlined content distribution, improved customer engagement, and facilitated better information dissemination, significantly enhancing their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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