Captivate Attendees During Downtime

Our solution allows you to showcase content while the room is idle, maximizing space use. Here's how Pickcel transforms Zoom meetings:

Informative Displays: Turn idle Zoom rooms into digital bulletin boards, displaying company announcements, upcoming events, or other relevant information. This keeps the space visually engaging and informs attendees before meetings.

Simplified Integration: Pickcel integrates with Zoom for a smooth transition between signage and the Zoom meeting itself. Participants won't experience disruptions.

Customizable Content: Customize your digital signage to your specific needs. Showcase company branding, highlight key metrics, or share inspirational quotes. Pickcel creates a dynamic meeting environment.

Enliven your zoom meetings

Pickcel's integration also improves Zoom meetings by:

Boosting Engagement: Keep participants focused by displaying meeting information, presentations, or visuals alongside the Zoom session.

Smooth Collaboration: Share content effortlessly and eliminate switching between applications.

Effortless setup and management

Pickcel provides a user-friendly interface for configuring and managing your digital signage within Zoom rooms. Our intuitive console allows you to:

  • Create and manage playlists for your signage content.
  • Schedule content to display at specific times.
  • Remotely update content across all your Zoom rooms.

Transform your meeting rooms with Pickcel!

Pickcel and Zoom create a dynamic meeting experience that goes beyond traditional video conferencing. Transform your underutilized spaces into valuable communication hubs, fostering a more informed, engaged, and productive meeting environment.

Ready to explore the full potential of live Zoom streaming with Pickcel Digital Signage? Visit Pickcel's official website to learn more!