PowerPoint is an essential tool in almost every industry due to its versatility and ease of use. From academic presentations and virtual store tours to interactive reports and strategic roadmaps, you can present anything within a PowerPoint.

Imagine transforming your static PowerPoint projects into dynamic and engaging displays displayed on digital screens. That's what we are going to look into today. We’ll discuss how you can display your PowerPoint presentations on your office TVs and other digital signage with Pickcel.

PowerPoint + Digital signage: See your ideas in a big way!

Combining PowerPoint with digital signage is not just an upgrade; it's a game-changer. This dynamic duo brings your content to life, ensuring that your messages are not only seen but truly experienced.

Why settle for static presentations when you can captivate your audience? Whether it’s the lobby of your office, the aisles of your store, or the hallways of your school, digital signage magnifies the impact of your PowerPoint slides, turning everyday information into eye-catching displays. This method offers unparalleled flexibility to update content quickly and ensures your communications are as vibrant as they are vital.

You’ll capture wider audiences, deliver information more effectively, and leave a lasting impression every time your slide is displayed. Ready to amplify your reach and impact? Let’s explore how PowerPoint and digital signage solutions from Pickcel can elevate your ideas, big time!

To start off, there are two basic and simple ways of showing your PowerPoint file on digital screens using Pickcel. Let's understand them in detail one by one.

Export a PowerPoint slideshow in JPG, JPEG, PNG, MP4, or PDF.

You can export your PowerPoint slideshow in any format (particularly JPG, JPEG, PNG, MP4 or PDF). Then, all you need to do is add this file to the Pickcel console, and your slideshow will be ready for the big screen! Simple and seamless.

If you want to make your PowerPoint slideshow more lively and engaging, it's best to present it in a video. Don't worry about the transitions, fonts, and other special effects you added to your PowerPoint slideshow. From custom fonts to transitions - everything remains unchanged.

To get started, open your PowerPoint presentation and head over to the ‘Animation’ and ‘Transitions’ tab. Here, you can select the timing for each slide to remain on screen before transitioning to the next.

Once done with this, hit the “Export” option. Here, you can choose to export your presentation as a video or a GIF. For slides without custom animations, you'll also set a default duration for each slide to display. This process ensures your entire presentation runs smoothly and continuously, perfect for your digital signage needs!

Now, log in to your Pickcel account and navigate to the media module. Upload your exported image or video files of the PowerPoint slides to the Pickcel dashboard and start creating a composition. Here, your PowerPoint is ready to go!

Turn your PowerPoint slideshow to Google Slides.

Do you wish to show your presentation directly on digital signage? Well, that's possible. However, PowerPoint’s web app embed tool is not supported on automated digital signage, as you would need to click manually to transition to the next slide.

Don't worry. Google Slides, the free alternative to PowerPoint, is here to rescue you. All you need to do is migrate your PowerPoint slideshow to Google Slides and then connect it to the console.

Here's a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can turn your PowerPoint presentations into Google Slides and play them on your digital screens using Pickcel.

  • Go to Google Slides and open a blank presentation.
  • Click on Files and then Import Slides. Now, you can upload the PowerPoint presentation directly from your computer or Google Drive (if you've already uploaded it.)
  • In Google Slides, Click on the "File" menu.
  • Select the "Publish to the web" option. Make sure the Embed tab is selected.
  • For Google Slides, set the duration and check both checkboxes: "Start slideshow as soon as the player loads" and "Restart the slideshow after the last slide."
  • Now, click on "Publish". Note down the URL provided (This URL will be used to configure the Google Slides app in Pickcel.
  • Next, log in to your Pickcel account and click on the "Apps" Menu.
  • Select the Google Slides app. Name the app, paste the document link in the "URL" box, and click on the "Create App" option.
  • Use this app in your screen composition and schedule it on the required screens. Your Google slide will be live on your selected screens.


By harnessing the power of PowerPoint in conjunction with Pickcel digital signage solutions, businesses can create compelling and dynamic digital displays that effectively engage audiences and convey messages. Whether showcasing promotions, sharing information, or enhancing brand visibility, the combination of PowerPoint and Pickcel offers a versatile and efficient solution for digital signage needs.

If you need further assistance or have inquiries about using PowerPoint for digital signage with Pickcel Solutions, please contact our support team or visit Pickcel's official website.