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Upgrade the fan experience

Keep fans in the loop with real-time digital scores, stats, and game progress, ensuring they are a part of the action. Customize the content for post-match events, creating a unique, immersive atmosphere that resonates with different audiences.

An office digital signage screen showing financing info
An office digital screen wth a welcome onboard message

Merchandising made easy

Strategic advertising significantly amplifies merchandise sales by placing eye-catching digital ads in areas with heavy foot traffic within the arena. This targeted approach ensures maximum visibility of sports merchandise to fans, effectively driving sales and enhancing the overall experience.

Streamlined internal updates

Utilize digital screens to communicate with players and staff working behind the scenes. This would help with efficient dissemination of schedules and last-minute updates, ensuring that information is conveyed effectively. You can also play inspiring videos and quotes alongside to boost team morale.

Company traction on an office digital signage screen
A digital signage screen showing client reviews in an office

Crowd management simplified

Efficient queue systems and emergency messaging are pivotal in managing arena environments. Digital queuing solutions, complemented by clear directional signage, streamline crowd flow and minimize wait times.

Why is sports stadium signage advantageous?

More than just crowd control, arena signs are useful in the following ways.

A day greeting on an office digital signage screen

Content flexibility

Seamlessly switch content to cater for different event types and audience preferences.

CSR activity on a digital signage screen

Interactive experiences

Create unforgettable moments for fans with engaging, visually stunning displays.

Social media feed on office digital signage screen

Operational streamlining

Enhance internal communication and operational efficiency on crucial match days

An cinema digital signage screen flashing an emergency message

High-visibility promotion opportunities

Provide lucrative advertising spaces for sponsors via large signage screens placed near maximum footfall areas.

Who needs Pickcel’s entertainment solution?

From pubs and bars to arenas, entertainment digital signage finds utility in a variety of areas. Here’s where it matches efficiency with affordability.

Elevate fan experience with Pickcel digital signage