Key features

Key Features

Graphical representation of Pickcel software easily integrating with slack app

Dynamic sales leaderboards

Foster healthy competition and celebrate achievements. Pickcel integrates with Salesforce to display dynamic leaderboards showcasing top performers and motivating your sales team.

Digital signage power-bi app option to control the post frequency that can be displayed.

Customizable goal tracking

Visualize progress towards targets. Create custom dashboards to track sales goals and quotas in real-time, keeping your team focused and on track.

power-bi app feed preview in digital screens with landscape and portrait layouts

Advanced sales filtering

Focus on specific data insights. Utilize Pickcel's filtering capabilities to display relevant sales metrics for specific territories, products, or team members on your digital signage.

slack app preview screen to check how will the app content look in the digital signage screen before publishing

Object-level permissions

Pickcel acknowledges your existing Salesforce object-level permissions, ensuring only authorized data is displayed on your digital signage, adhering to your data governance policies.

More benefits of Pickcel with Salesforce


Gamification Features

Integrate gamification elements into your digital signage with Pickcel. Utilize Salesforce data to trigger visual rewards or recognition badges based on sales achievements, fostering a fun and competitive sales environment.


Sales Forecasting

Display real-time sales forecasts and quota attainment progress for individual salespeople and teams on digital signage. Encourage goal achievement and identify areas for improvement.

Use cases across industries

We have listed a few. The sky is the limit for

Digital signage showing birthday messages from slack app integration with Pickcel

Human Resources

Display key HR metrics like open positions, recruitment pipeline progress, and time-to-hire data on digital signage. Facilitate data-driven decision making in talent acquisition.

Digital signage powered by Pickcel displaying slack app messeages from marketing channel

Retail & Hospitality

Highlight upcoming sales promotions, loyalty program benefits, or customer reviews on digital signage throughout the store to influence purchasing decisions.

How to integrate Salesforce on your digital signage?

step 1 digital signage software interface showing microsoft App configuration window with multiple options

Before configuring the salesforce app, please follow the steps to securely capture the Salesforce authentication information. This involves installing a Chrome extension on your browser. This custom app automates the authentication process, ensuring a secure connection for your data. For detailed instructions on installing and configuring the authentication generator app, please contact our support team for a guided onboarding process.

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Seamlessly display Salesforce dashboards on your digital signage

step 1 digital signage software interface showing microsoft App configuration window with multiple options
Step: 1

Configure the app from the app store

Search for and click the "Dashboard Auth" app on Pickcel's console. Name the app, copy-paste the login URL of the Salesforce Customer Login, and configure the remaining parameters. Ensure that you add the Authentication Generator URL onto the clipboard.

step 2 digital signage software interface showing compositon window with microsoft app feed being displayed on the top
Step: 2

Create a composition

Choose to publish full-screen or utilize Pickcel's layouts to combine your Salesforce visualizations with other content for a more comprehensive display.

step 3 digital signage software interface showing compositon window with microsoft app and AQI app feed
Step: 3

Publish the composition

Select the digital signs you want to display the content on and publish to activate your real-time sales data experience.

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