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What Makes Pickcel an Ideal Partner


Enhanced product offerings

Partner with us to diversify and enhance your tech firm's product range through integrating appealing, competitive digital signage solutions.

expertise sharing

Innovation and expertise sharing

Partnering with Pickcel offers tech companies expert insights on trends and best practices, fueling innovation in their products and services.


Market reach and cross-promotion

Partnering with Pickcel for digital signage can enhance market reach, visibility, customer base, and brand awareness through cross-promotion.


Seamless integration and interoperability

Partnering with digital signage companies smooths integration, enabling seamless, interoperable solutions for improved user experiences.


Scalability and customization

Partnering with Pickcel allows tech firms to offer scalable, customizable solutions for various industries efficiently without starting from scratch.

Sector-wise Partnering Benefits

Retail and E-commerce

Beauty and wellness

Business and corporate environment

Hospitality and entertainment

Transportation and logistics

Healthcare and facility management

Public sector and community services

Tourism and travel

Pickcel Go mobile app

PoS integration

Integrate Squareup POS with Pickcel for dynamic retail signage, boosting engagement and market reach.

Pickcel Go mobile app

E-commerce platforms

Pickcel helps e-commerce websites like Shopify seamlessly bridge online and offline realms, enhancing visibility, enabling omni-channel retail.

Pickcel Go mobile app

Appointment integration

Enhance your scheduling platform with Pickcel's digital signage, empowering beauty and wellness businesses to manage schedules efficiently and promotions. Elevate your service appeal by introducing a dynamic and interactive touchpoint for clients.

Pickcel Go mobile app

Data analytics and business intelligence

Integrate with Pickcel for compelling data presentation on digital signage, enhancing user experience and extending application reach to public spaces and corporate environments, expanding your client base.

Pickcel Go mobile app

CRM and service desk

Enhance customer service with Pickcel's collaboration, displaying real-time CRM/service desk data for improved visibility and operational efficiency, fostering stronger customer relations.

Pickcel Go mobile app

Music for business

Sync your music service with Pickcel for immersive venue atmospheres, expanding market reach by creating a unique ambiance for businesses.

Pickcel Go mobile app

OTT content providers

Integrating with Pickcel opens new venues for your content, from hotels to restaurants, enhancing guest experience with on-demand entertainment. This collaboration not only increases your content’s reach but also adds a competitive edge to your offering in the hospitality sector.

Pickcel Go mobile app

Transport and fleet management

Utilize Pickcel's digital signage to showcase real-time data from transport or fleet management software, boosting operational efficiency and positioning your software as a versatile tool for dynamic data visualization.

Pickcel Go mobile app

Hospital and facilities management

Enhance your management software by integrating with Pickcel for seamless communication, elevating user experiences in healthcare and facility settings. This partnership not only boosts your software's functionality but also unlocks opportunities in sectors emphasizing efficient information dissemination.

Pickcel Go mobile app

Traffic, mall, and public services management

Integrate with Pickcel to elevate public spaces with dynamic, real-time information, expanding your software's reach and value for public sector clients.

Pickcel Go mobile app

Tour and destination details:

Elevate travel information presentation by partnering with Pickcel for dynamic digital signage solutions. Enhance software appeal for travel agencies and visitor centers, offering a novel and engaging experience for travelers.

Become a Pickcel partner

Let's embark on a journey of innovation together and establish groundbreaking standards in the digital signage ecosystem.