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Why Partner with Pickcel


Enhanced compatibility

Leverage Pickcel's expertise to ensure your hardware is fully compatible with cutting-edge digital signage software, providing customers with a seamless user experience.


Optimized performance

Our deep integration capabilities mean that your hardware can perform at its best, showcasing superior display quality and reliability when powered by Pickcel’s software.


Market expansion

Access new markets and customer segments by offering a combined solution that meets a wider range of digital signage needs.


Innovation and development

Collaborate on future technologies and features that can set your hardware apart in the competitive digital signage market.


Co-marketing opportunities

Benefit from joint marketing efforts that can increase visibility and demand for your hardware among Pickcel's extensive network of users and partners.

Popular Brands We Are Associated With

By joining our ecosystem, you align your brand with some of the most respected names in the industry.

How We Achieve Deep Integration

Pickcel’s engineering team specializes in creating deep integrations with a variety of hardware to ensure the best possible performance and user experience. This involves:

Custom firmware development

Tailoring software to harness the full potential of your hardware’s capabilities.

Optimized software performance

Ensuring that Pickcel’s software runs smoothly on your hardware, providing a seamless experience for end-users.

Continuous support and updates

Offering ongoing support and updates to keep the hardware-software solution at the forefront of digital signage technology.

Join the Future of Digital Signage

Partnering with Pickcel as a hardware manufacturer offers several benefits:

Enhances your product offering.

Connects you to a broader ecosystem of digital signage solutions.

The collaboration between our innovation commitment and your hardware expertise can result in groundbreaking digital signage experiences.

Explore how we can work together to set new standards in the digital signage industry.

Become a Pickcel Partner

Let's embark on a journey of innovation together and establish groundbreaking standards in the digital signage ecosystem.