The Client

WAM Global Events, a Dubai-based company, excels in delivering unique event experiences. They provide various services, including marketing analysis, business planning, and event-specific mobile app development. Skilled in organizing diverse events, they focus on crafting customized experiences in line with their audiences’ vision.

The Challenge

Renowned for its versatility in event management, the company needed to elevate its digital display capabilities to match its high standards. The challenge was integrating technology into WAM Global Events' sophisticated environments beyond mere information display. They needed a system that could handle multiple formats and types of content, including detailed schedules, venue maps, and high-definition 4K videos. The company sought a flexible solution to adapt to various event types while maintaining a user-friendly interface for event organizers and attendees.

The Solution

Team Pickcel developed a comprehensive cloud-based digital display solution to meet these complex requirements. This system design was highly adaptable, allowing for quick updates and real-time changes, a crucial feature for dynamic event schedules. The integration of 4K video capabilities ensured the visual content was stunning and engaging, enhancing the overall experience.

The cloud-based nature of the solution ensured scalability and ease of access, allowing the event connoisseurs to manage and update content remotely, a handy feature for large-scale events or those spread across multiple venues.

Key Benefits

  • Adaptive display framework: Configured for diverse event scales and complexities.
  • Dynamic content system: Facilitates swift adaptation and timely updates in response to event changes.
  • Intuitive control panel: Streamlines management, enhancing organizer efficiency and guest engagement.
  • Flexible content showcase: Supports varied formats, including schedules, maps, and videos for diverse event requirements.
  • Efficient remote operation: Enables effective, cloud-based management from any location.

The Result

Implementing tailored digital display solutions transformed WAM Global Events’ ability to engage and inform attendees. The enhanced visual experience and the flexibility and ease of content management significantly improved the attendee experience.