The Client

Tafaseel, a prominent Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company in the UAE, stands out for its commitment to delivering top-notch outsourcing services. With a focus on skilled personnel, premium facilities, and advanced technology, Tafaseel has established itself as a leader in the BPO sector. Their services span various industries, offering tailored solutions that drive growth and optimize operations.

The Challenge

As a bustling BPO, Tafaseel sought a solution to enhance their office environment.

Their goals were to:

(a) effectively display content and announcements

(b) foster a more engaged and informed workforce

The Solution

Understanding the need for employee engagement and recognition, Tafaseel turned to Pickcel for a comprehensive solution. Pickcel equipped Tafaseel's commercial buildings, including reception areas, lobbies, and floors, with strategically placed screens.

At Pickcel's recommendation, Tafaseel also installed LG WebOS systems. Pickcel provided thorough training and troubleshooting support, ensuring seamless operation of the screens.

The content, ranging from videos to image scrollers, was displayed in Arabic and English, thanks to Pickcel's multilingual support.

Key Benefits

  • Hardware agnostic: Pickcel's solution was adaptable to LG WebOS systems ensuring seamless integration.
  • Multilingual support: Content was accessible in Arabic, catering to a diverse workforce.
  • Enhanced employee engagement: The digital displays kept employees informed and recognized, boosting morale and engagement.

The Result

Implementing Pickcel's digital signage solutions, Tafaseel experienced a notable improvement in internal communication and employee engagement.

The multilingual displays ensured that all employees, regardless of their language preferences, stayed informed and connected. This led to a more cohesive and motivated workforce, ultimately contributing to higher productivity and a positive office atmosphere.

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